New Study From AVIXA and PMA Research Reveals Shift in Worldwide Commercial Display Purchases

  • Nearly 50 percent of display purchases in next 12 months will be incremental, adding projectors or flat panels in new locations.
  • Pricing pressure continues as customers expect to get more for far less money.

FAIRFAX, VA – April 4, 2018 – During the next three years, buyers of display products (direct-view and projection) anticipate 20-percent growth in the number of displays per location, even as replacement cycles grow longer due to more durable technology, according to a new report from AVIXA™, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, and PMA Research. The report, Worldwide Market for Large-Display Projects: How Buying Decisions Are Made, provides insight into display buyers on a global scale, from spending patterns and technology choices to product satisfaction. The research shows that while commercial-display purchases are shifting toward replacement-driven requirements, there is still a healthy percentage of incremental volume.

For the first stage of the study, key representatives were identified in businesses around the world in three regions: Europe, Asia, and North America. The subjects primarily serve in management roles with responsibility for approving major display projects, and they completed an online survey. The second stage was a program of open-ended interviews with North American buyers involved in large display projects.

This report revealed commercial buyers anticipate nearly half of all display purchases in the next 12 months will be for new locations, adding to their overall inventory. However, the global trend is toward reduced spending on large displays in 2018, even while the number of units is expected to hold steady or grow, as buyers continue to anticipate falling prices.

“The results of this new display market report are consistent with trends shown in AVIXA’s Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA) report, which indicate an inflection point within the display segment,” says Sean Wargo, Senior Director of Market Intelligence at AVIXA. “New technologies and applications for large-screen displays are disrupting the market as buyers evaluate options. Overall, display revenues are expected to soften in 2018 before rebounding in 2019 and beyond.”

“This report was designed to deliver an inside look into customers’ motivation for purchasing decisions for display technology,” says Wargo. “If you understand your buyers’ intentions, you can come to the table much better prepared. It might seem obvious, but it all comes down to knowing your customer and thus the drivers of growth.”

Additional highlights from the Worldwide Market for Large-Display Projects: How Buying Decisions Are Made report:

  • Worldwide, about half of all participants purchased their large-screen display from a professional AV or IT dealer or integrator. In Europe and Asia, the figure was well over 50 percent. In North America, only 33 percent used a professional AV or IT source.
  • Respondents cited image quality and better resolution as the top reasons for choosing large flat panels over projectors. The top reason for choosing projectors was ease of use.
  • Direct-view LED is starting to gain attention in the minds of large-screen display buyers.
  • Customers tend to focus either on features or brand when making product-selection decisions. Learning which is more important to a customer can successfully drive sales.

“Overall, commercial buyers expect to continue to invest in displays, upgrading current installations and adding incrementally to their fleet this year,” said Rosemary Abowd, Senior Analyst for PMA Research. “Understanding the buyers’ hot buttons and limitations is critical to capturing the sale. They’ll start by looking at technology that matches their current installation but can be influenced by a growing need for interactivity and piqued interest in new technologies like direct-view LED.” 

The report is available for purchase at The purchase price for non-members is $1,999, with discounted rates for AVIXA members.  


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