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Gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of industry trends with AVIXA market intelligence. AVIXA works with leading global research firms to collect, analyze, and report on emerging markets, current and future product sales, end-user buying habits, and the macro-trends impacting the pro-AV industry.

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Industry Outlook and Trends
Analysis (IOTA)

Prepare for the future of the pro-AV market. The 2018 report – with even more information coming in August/September!


Macro-Economic Trends Analysis (META)

Identify global trends affecting the AV industry to help you prepare for and respond to change.

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2018 Market Opportunity Analysis Report (MOAR)

A must-have for providers looking to understand the business needs of different markets.

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Compensation and Benefits Report

Recruit new talent, retain quality employees, enhance your workplace. The 2018 report – with even more information coming in August/September!

Pro-AV Business Index July 2018 | AVIXA

Pro-AV Business Index

FREE! Keep up with the economic health of the commercial AV industry.

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Partner Reports

PMA Research

Why is our market research important for your business? It will help you:

  • Determine growing profitable markets
  • Discover how revenue models are changing
  • Identify emerging trends
  • Minimize risk when considering a new market
  • Observe trends or changes in buying habits
  • Pinpoint future trends industry experts believe are the key to growth and success
  • Spot opportunities in existing markets
  • Understand your overall market position


Join the AVIXA Intelligence Panel

AVIXA is scouting for industry experts to join its AV Intelligence Panel (AVIP). This exclusive group will help navigate the future of commercial AV technology.

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AVIXA AV Business Index - February 2018

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