The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) Foundation grant program is designed to mentor and engage talented individuals in the AV industry.

Here are just some of this year's grant recipients who will gain hands-on work experience and training to help them get started in the industry. Check back as more students are added to this page.


Grant Sponsor: Almances Audiovisuales
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Grant Recipient: Oscar Lopez Maguey


A student at Instituto Tecnólogico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM), Oscar is excited — and very serious — about starting his career in AV: He recently earned his CTS. For Oscar, AV is the perfect fit for his passions, and his experience has already showed him, that his AV colleagues are like a second family. He's ready to grow in what he sees as a beautiful, dynamic and challenging industry.

Sam Horne - M3 Technology Group | AVIXA

Grant Sponsor: M3 Technology Group
Location: Nashville, TN
Grant Recipient: Sam Horne 


At the young age of eight, Sam Horne discovered the world of AV by helping his father setup and operate a small portable sound system. The experience peaked his curiosity and has led him to being fully emerged in the AV industry as a Lead Technician. He’s excited for the opportunity to be exposed to emerging technology and help him prepare for his future in the industry.  


Grant Sponsor: M3 Technology Group
Location: Nashville, TN
Grant Recipient: Griffin Towne


Griffin Towne discovered the AV industry and jumped right in by becoming a Crestron programmer when he was in high school. He loves a challenge and the opportunity face new experiences in this ever-changing industry - a perfect match for a career in AV. Griffin is set on being an expert, and at this pace, he is well on his way.

Grant Sponsor: M3 Technology Group
Location: Nashville, TN
Grant Recipient: Wyatt Towne

As the brother of another grant recipient, you can say that AV is in Wyatt’s blood. Watching his father and brother succeed in the AV industry has pushed him to get involved. He has a natural curiosity when it comes to uncovering how things works, especially in an industry where the technology is constantly changing.

Riley Faircloth

Grant Sponsor: BiAmp
Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Grant Recipient: Riley Faircloth


Working in the AV industry has played a big part in Riley’s enthusiasm for school. He looks forward to working each day and the patiently waits for the challenges that he finds himself in, including having a lecture hall, full of 200 students, looking to him to fix their AV issue. Riley believes that searching for multiple clues will help solve even the biggest problems.


Grant Sponsor: BiAmp
Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Grant Recipient: Ryan De Mello


Three years of experience from Oregon State university has proven to help Ryan think differently about his job and the AV industry. Ryan has learned that technology is constantly evolving, leading to more unique and engaging tools to use in classroom environments. These new, unique tools have pushed him to become a problem solver in any situation that he comes across. The possibilities in the AV industry are endless and Ryan is excited to tackle them.

Simon Dudenhoefer

Grant Sponsor: BiAmp
Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Grant Recipient: Simon Dudenhofer


Simon discovered the AV world when he became a student technician at Oregon State University. His experience with technology has impacted and strengthen his personal and professional relationships. Simon is able to help friends and family with their technology problems, he also gives back to the professors who have given him so much valuable knowledge towards his education and career.

Tommy Rainey

Grant Sponsor: Unified AV Systems
Location: Atlanta, GA
Grant Recipient: Tommy Rainey


For Tommy, the AV industry has new and exciting of possibilites for people interested innovative technology. His fascination with innovative technology has led him to always stay in the loop in order to show people that the future of technology is happening now. With these new innovations, he believes that AV is making the world become smaller so people from acorss the world can now communicate as if they were in the same room together.

Alarcon Chavez Andros

Grant Sponsor: NTX SA de CV
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Grant Recipient: Andros Alarcon Chavez 


Andros has dreams of helping people make the best out of their home life with the help of technology. He believes that the home is the focal point of everyone’s lives and that home technology affects everyone around the world. Andros wants to use the AV industry’s everchanging technology to help people share messages and experience life in the best way possible.

Karina Romero Galindez

Grant Sponsor: NTX SA de CV
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Grant Recipient: Karina Romero Galindez


Karina became fascinated with the AV world when she discovered the how broad the industry is and how it homes so many different field of studies. She would like to become a part of the world that encourages end users to have fascinating experiences that will help promote healthy lives for the people of the world.

Jose Alejandrino Ramirez

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Grant Recipient: Alejandrino Ramirez


Alejandro has a decade of experience in the AV/IT industry with working with computers and installing electrical networks.

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