Mental Health Support Organisation in the Asia-Pacific Region

The following list contains a selection of support organisations in the Asia-Pacific region for those in need of mental health support. Please note that this list is non-exhaustive and may be updated on regular basis. 

Read the 5 Takeaways from the Mental Health in AV Today panel discussion (19 August 2020) at Integrate Virtual Series. A link to the recording of the panel discussion will be made available.

If you have recommendations for further relevant support organisations, please contact Liz Shaw, Marketing Manager Asia-Pacific at [email protected]



Source: Australia Counseling


Source: New Zealand, Ministry of Health

  • Part of the National Depression Initiative, a national Public Health programme. Offers also a free course to help recognise and combat depression and anxiety.
  • Like Minds, Like Mine: National anti-stigma campaign to increase social inclusion and to reduce stigma and discrimination towards people with experience of mental illness.
  • Mental Health Crisis Services: Can be contacted by selecting the phone number relevant to your residence area.



Source: AIA

  • Befrienders: Provides emotional support 24/7
  • Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA): Provides support via phone line on mental health issues.
  • MIASA: Offers support groups and other mental health services for patients and carers.
  • SOLS Health: Connecting clients to accessible individual, family and community mental health and nutritional services with an emphasis on combating the stigma of mental health in Malaysia.
  • Relate Malaysia: offers online psychotherapy at affordable rates to all Malaysian residents as a community service.


  • #MentalHealthPH: A campaign that aims to create a safe community of people, and friends of people with mental health problems and to promote and protect mental health in the Philippines.


There are 37 Government run mental health facilities and several private hospitals & NGOs operating in India.

Overview of list of mental health institutes in India (Source: Wikipedia)





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