This course is a core knowledge class for all AV professionals. You will learn the basics of networking from an AV perspective, while gaining the tools you need to have a meaningful conversation with your IT peers. It also offers hands-on computer labs to help you practice the skills you’ll take back to work with you.

"I took Networking Technology because in the industry that I am in we are starting to see more and more of a shift to everything being on a network. We have to deal with IT and building infrastructure on a daily basis and we wanted to get a better understanding of network terminology and how it works. My direct supervisor required all of our staff to take the course. I would recommend this course because it gives you a basic foundation on networking"
— Chris Anners, CTS-I, Whitlock

Who Should Take This Course

AV professionals, who design, implement, maintain or manage networked AV systems, including:

  • Designers who use network infrastructure for signal transportation or control
  • Installers who connect gear to a network or configure network settings
  • Service providers who troubleshoot network-connected systems
  • Candidates for any CTS® certification needing extra study on networking
  • Students intending to take the advanced course Networked AV Systems
  • Any AV professional who wants to prepare for the future of AV


Students should have at least a CTS® certification.

It is strongly recommended that students complete Essentials of AV Technology before taking this course

Course Features

This three-day classroom course is eight hours per day. Additional evening work may be required. During this course, you will:

  • Review how to discuss AV network requirements with your IT stakeholders
  • Compare and contrast the most common network-based AV transmission protocols
  • Interpret IP addresses and subnets
  • Identify network security threats and countermeasures
  • Use common network diagnostic tools and perform basic network troubleshooting

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Further Study

Networked AV Systems (NAVS)

Certification Renewal Units


CTS: 24 CTS-D: 24 CTS-I: 24 Max: 24


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