"The AV Setup Guide for Events, Meetings, Conferences, and Classrooms will, in just a few hours, help make a new hire instantly more useful on the job. As the new AV technician progresses through his or her on-the-job training, the setup guide will be a handy reference for troubleshooting, identifying unfamiliar connectors, or knowing when to call for help. What a great way to introduce someone to the business!"
— Tom Stimson, CTS, Rental & Staging Council Chair

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Until now, much of the information about setting up AV for a classroom or conference has been passed along by word of mouth. Sometimes on-the-job training includes a quick run-through of a procedure as the event is being set up, but when you're out on a job and need guidance, it might be hard to remember every step you've been taught.

AVIXA has now documented the most common steps involved in setting up AV for many events, classrooms and conferences. In logical, easy to understand, step-by-step procedures, employers can give guidance to their new employees without relying on someone to pass along best practices of AV setup. In addition, the book provides answers to some frequently asked troubleshooting questions, and contains a comprehensive graphic appendix of connectors for quick reference.

Reviewed by subject matter experts, the book is 90 pages of concrete, practical information. AVIXA has conducted exhaustive interviews with noted industry experts, and has catalogued the most useful and frequently requested procedures for event setup based on years of experience. Every page is filled with proper techniques and delivered in an easy-to-read format. This is the guide you will want to reference when you're on the job site. As an employer, you will want your employees to take this reference with them to every event.

While particularly useful for rental/hire and staging events, the content is also perfect for event planners, educational AV techs, and any staff responsible for setting up an event that includes audiovisual presentation. For managers, this well-designed and logical content is invaluable for training new staff. Why reinvent the wheel when the groundwork has been done for you and it's all in one place!

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