Title: User Experience Design for AV
 Document Number: UX701.01
 Type of Standard: User Experience - Performance
 Status: In Development
 Description: The standard will highlight key steps, actions and review / approval gateways required to achieve a successful User Experience Design for Audio Visual Systems and the related technologies with which they are integrated. The standard focuses on human interaction with such systems and will incorporate: elements of ergonomics; aesthetic factors that prompt intuitive engagement; automation; web development; artificial intelligence / sensing; and other disciplines. It will not attempt to define specific best practices in these areas as other documents exist on these topics.
 Publication Date: N/A
 Purchase: N/A
 Keywords: Audiovisual; audiovisual system; AV equipment; AV installation; AV system; user experience; design
 Development Notes:  https://docdev.avixa.org/higherlogic/ws/projects/29/details
 Task Group Members: Peter Swanson, CTS, Lendlease (Moderator)
  Arne van Delft, CTS, Deerns Nederland B.V.
  Jesse Fishman, CTS-D, The Sextant Group, Inc
  Steve Greenblatt, CTS, Control Concepts Inc.
  Greg Jeffreys, Visual Displays Ltd
  Thomas Mullins, CTS, Affiliated Engineers NW, Inc.
  Lisa Perrine, CTS, Cibola Systems 


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Good User Experience Design is no Accident

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