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Developing the CTS Exam Guide Trilogy – A Long and Meandering Journey

Editing the three CTS exam guides was the culmination of a long journey in electronics, IT, and AV for Andy Ciddor.


Utilizing Innovative Signage Products to Create a Real "Wow" Factor

The great debate between shopping online and shopping at physical stores is heating up thanks to new technologies.


Inside Look: The U.S. Naval Academy’s Crown Jewel: Creating the Akerson Theater

We’ll examine the intricate design process, world-class technology, & the collaborative effort needed to create this experience.

Case Study

First Americans Museum of Oklahoma Takes Guests on an Immersive Storytelling Experience with Massive dvLED Video Wall System

Initial discussions started in 2018 surrounding the construction of a giant, suspended, and curved dvLED video wall designed to wrap around the center of the museum. The objective was to create a gathering space for live music and performances that mimicked the center of a tribal village and allowed for “The Exchange of Ideas.”


Inside Look: The Key Components and Services of a Successful Digital Signage System

Hear from subject matter experts & their real-life experiences for planning a digital signage project.


Inside Look: First Americans Museum of Oklahoma Installs Unique Curved dvLED Video Wall

The First Americans Museum (FAM) of Oklahoma takes visitors through stories of 39 Tribal Nations in Oklahoma with a curved direct view LED video.

Case Study

LG & Peerless-AV Installed Largest Hospitality dvLED Display in Canada

Having previously worked on many dvLED projects with LG Electronics Canada, Inc. (LG Canada), NovMega knew LG Canada would be the perfect collaborator.


Inside Look: 4K Projection Technology: Building Immersive Experiences at AREA15 Las Vegas

AREA15 partnered with Panasonic to create a state-of-the-art and impactful 4K experiences for unparalleled and exceptional life-life realism.


Inside Look: Sazerac House

Join us as Solomon Group's AV System Programmer, Barry Mendelson, walks us through buzz-worthy exhibits.


Inside Look: LG & Peerless-AV Installed Largest Hospitality dvLED Display in Canada

Go behind the scenes to hear from the integrator, display vendor, and mount manufacturer as they guide you through the stages.


Inside Look: Planet Word

D.C.’s Planet Word utilizes augmented reality, voice recognition, and many more clever tricks to shift the way we interact with media.

Case Study

Road to the Congreso AVIXA 2021: The San Diego State University Online Lessons Challenge

This article is a preview of the case story that the San Diego State University team will present during the next AVIXA 2021 Congress: Technologies for education today and tomorrow, which will take place virtually from April 27 to 30.


The Casino of The Future: The LINQ Hotel + Experience Case Study

The LINQ Hotel + Experience, completed June 2019, is the casino of the future, merging augmented digital art with audiovisual experiences. DATALAND features over 160 displays and several thousand square feet of Unilumin LED in this first-of-its-kind AV system and showcases designs by media artist Refik Anadol.


Bringing the Sound of the Crowd to the NBA Bubble

Not every COVID-19-era sports venue was reopened with a player-centric experience as the starting point, but over time it became obvious that the players need atmosphere, fans, and the unique energy of real human emotion that comes from collective cheers, boos, gasps, and sighs.


Go “Backstage” in Las Vegas!

When in-person tours had to be cancelled, AVIXA jumped in and virtually showcased some of the coolest sights in Vegas! These videos will take you behind-the-scenes to see leading edge AV technology in action in higher education, hospitality, and entertainment. You’ll hear from the AV pros about their projects, the equipment and capabilities.

Case Study

The Cinematic of Bogota, New Cultural Center of the Audiovisual Arts

The Colombian capital has always been a reference for culture and art, and for more than 48 years the Cinematic has contributed to this purpose, encouraging access to all Bogota citizens to the cinema and at the same time preserving the film heritage of the country.

Case Study

Central Park SummerStage Music Venue Uses Predictive Audio Modeling to Avoid Noise Complaints

The final system design, incorporating acoustical and predicted noise measurements, dropped the sound-pressure level by 30 dB by the time it reached Fifth Avenue, to a level roughly equivalent to loud conversation.


Iconic Washington Monument Becomes an Audiovisual Canvas for Apollo 50 Celebration

To celebrate the Apollo 11 moon mission’s 50-year anniversary, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum commissioned the immersive projection show Apollo 50: Go for the Moon.

Case Study

The Carousel at Bloomingdales

Float4 developed The Carousel at Bloomingdale's to highlight the transformative element of the digital shop.