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The Shift from Hardware to Software Codecs: Five Ways It’s Revolutionizing the Digital Media Landscape

As more companies embrace cloud applications, the transition from hardware to software codecs has become a compelling choice.


The AV Inside This Iconic Barcelona Tower Can Change Your View of the City

While you may be familiar with the Torre Glòries in Barcelona due to the colorful show it puts on at night, it's the AV on the inside that's going to truly change how you view the city!


Own the Night: The AV Revolution in 'The Club'

From LED lights and digital signage to surround sound systems, night spots in major cities compete with one another for the most impressive AV atmosphere, making it one of the biggest spends in the $36.5bn Bars and Nightclubs industry.


The AV Behind Bryant Park's Winter Wonderland


"It’s the most wonderful time of the year” is what many in New York think when the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park comes to life. Many look forward to enjoying the many shops, ice skating, and good vibes, but what goes into making this experience a good one? AV, of course… weather-resistant and eye-catching AV. Watch how on this episode of How'd They Do That!


Beam Steering: cos'è e come utilizzarlo nei sistemi audio - 14dec22


La tecnologia Beam Steering sta diventando sempre più diffusa e si basa sul principio della sovrapposizione dei campi d'onda di diversi singoli altoparlanti, la cosiddetta Wave Field Synthesis. In questo webinar vedremo come funziona questa tecnologia, i suoi benefici e le sue limitazioni. Webinar a cura di Giulia Nicosia di Fohhn Audio AG.


The Haas Effect


If you close your eyes and listen, your brain can sense the direction of where sounds originate–even if you can't see them. Why is that? And what might it mean for Pro AV? In this episode of AVIXA Explains, Chuck Espinoza describes how he teaches the Haas Effect and how it can be used when designing audio systems at live events.


Patch Up Venue Audio Issues with Acoustic Treatment

Whether you’re setting up an event indoors or outdoors, there are strategies and technologies that can be used to ensure you get the sound quality you desire.


How the Tech at Arcadia Earth Brings its Message to Life

Check out the newest episode of “How’d They Do That?” to receive an inside look into a world of sustainability and change implemented through art and tech.


Orlando's Steinmetz Hall: One of the Most Acoustically Perfect Spaces

This Orlando multi-form theatre is said to produce perfect sound by achieving an N1 sound rating.


ISE22 - Masterclass: AI Challenges in Audio and Music Technologies - AV Experience Zone


Challenges and opportunities when audio signal processing and AI machine learning are applied to sound and music signals. Presented by: Dr. Xavier Serra, Director of the Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Learning Tech Managers Power Hour: Audio for Distance Learning

Today’s classrooms need to be equipped to handle both in person and remote students, and to allow for many-to-many communications. How do you ensure good audio coverage for all, but also allow the instructor to easily control the conversation?


L'importanza dell'infrastruttura fisica per i sistemi AV over IP - 30 mar 22


Come si possono identificare e progettare nuove soluzioni di cablaggio che siano in grado di supportare al meglio le tecnologie AVoIP di ultima generazione? È importante definire un progetto di rete che consenta trasmissioni affidabili implementando le nuove tecnologie a livello impiantistico. In questo webinar si analizzeranno le modalità per risolvere le problematiche inerenti alla cablatura che possono rivelarsi un ostacolo per un'adeguata qualità del servizio per applicazioni video ad alta definizione. Webinar a cura di Alberto Zucchinali, Senior Technical Manager, The Siemon Company


Improve Your Audio Experience at InfoComm 2022

Enterprise audio is more important than ever as companies navigate the new dynamics of a hybrid workforce. InfoComm 2022 is covering the latest trends and technology for conferencing audio as well as audio concepts that all techs should know.


Content Production & Streaming Power Hour: Audio Transport for Streaming

When the audio isn’t good, the audience perceives the overall quality of your broadcast or stream isn’t good. You can have audio without video, but not video without audio.


Loudspeaker Considerations for Varied Environments


Ideal for A/V integrators and sales professionals who are newcomers to the world of commercial and professional audio, in this webinar we will highlight some of the challenges and considerations audio integrators may face when designing and deploying a system. From aesthetic to structural, to acoustical concerns, we will use real‐world examples and share potential solutions to some of the challenges integrators may face in the field.


Content Production & Streaming Power Hour: Audio Transport for Streaming


Explore the different platforms for streaming audio signals and understand how scalable the systems are; how these systems can be used hand-in-hand, and how intricately the audio transports are intermingled with video.


Loudspeaker Polar Patterns And Frequency Response | Learn with AVIXA


Join AVIXA Instructor, Chuck Espinoza, as he breaks how to design a room and space out your loudspeakers in order to ensure you have an exceptional AV experience.


Optimize Workflow by Optimizing Workspace

To enable meeting success through technology and human connectivity, audio issues are a critical aspect of the conference that can appear daunting to tackle but that needs to be dealt with to optimize businesses and classrooms.


Audio Power Hour: The Experiential Aspects of Audio


What can you do to enhance your audience’s experience; and what can damage that experience?