New Market Opportunities for Smart Displays

In “Digital Signage Post-Pandemic: New Market Opportunities for Smart Displays”, digital signage thought leader John Wang shares his insight into the evolution of digital signage in response to the pandemic and how digital signage can be part of the solution to operating a business in the current environment.

Wang, whose expertise stems from his 20 years running the IAdea Corp. and his service as Vice Chairman of Digital Solutions Multimedia Asia, began his experience by looking at market research. He shares data from the AVIXA® AV Business Index to illustrate the scale of the impact of COVID-19 on pro AV and used an analysis produced by Invidis Consulting to evaluate anticipated demand patterns of different digital signage segments.

Wang also discusses how digital signage can play a role in facilitating business operations under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital signage can play a pivotal role in communicating guidelines around distancing and safety, including illustrations to help individuals turn abstract numbers into concrete ideas. Retail spaces and restaurants are having to carefully monitor occupancy now. Digital signage can give consumers a red light/green light indicator letting them know when it is safe to enter a store. Combine this with an app used by the cashier, and businesses can free up an employee from door monitoring duties to aid in other important work.

Wang shares how other safety techniques can leverage digital signage to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. For example, linking thermal cameras to digital signage can help staff monitor who is safe to enter a school or office.

Desks and conference rooms can also add indicator lighting that turns red when they are used. These lights will remain red until staff can come and sanitize surfaces to make it safe for the next user. After the thorough clean, the light can be turned green to indicate it is once again open for use.

Even the home office can benefit from digital signage. Many of us have seen viral videos of kids or dogs joining in on live broadcasts and Zoom meetings. While such interruptions can be funny at times, they can an also disrupt and derail important work. At-home signage letting other members of the household know when you are on air can save embarrassment and help you get things done.

At AVIXA, we’ve been talking about how the COVID era is one of dramatic change. Digital signage is a good solution in a dynamic environment because it is so flexible. Does your menu need to change because of supply chain or staff disruptions? Do you need to alter store rules to keep up with new government regulations? Digital signage can adapt instantly and communicate whatever is needed.

Watch the full session: Digital Signage Post-Pandemic: New Market Opportunities for Smart Displays