Digital Signage at Infocomm 22: D=SIGN Conference

By Laura Davis-Taylor
Branded Ground

InfoComm is upon us and the Digital Signage Federation and AVIXA are thrilled to present the 2nd annual D=SIGN Conference.

The 2022 D=SIGN Conference will take place on Tuesday (June 7th) pm and Wednesday (June 8th), both days from 8:30 – 4:30 pm. Here are the highlights for this year’s sessions.

 Day 1 - June 7

Blueprint to Build-Outs: How Architects & Digital Designers Form Powerful Partnerships

Hear from the digital signage experts who partner with architects on how to translate their methodology and vital spatial considerations when designing public spaces. We’ll share real world insights to ensure that digital signage integration is not an afterthought, and how to get a seat at the drafting table at the beginning of their design process.

Samsung Case Study

Always on the bleeding edge, Samsung will give us a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of one of their newest and most exciting case studies. Get the inside scoop, and be ready to say that you saw it at Infocomm first!

Making a Proof of Concept Bullet Proof: Lessons Learned from Labs

What are the common pitfalls to avoid when testing out a new concept? And how do you embrace an ‘agile mindset’ to get the most out of a new installation or innovation? This panel of experts, with years in the trenches and in the labs, will share the most critical tips to keep in mind, along with key KPIs and approaches to use for pushing any POC to its maximum potential.

Is Your Digital Ecosystem Ready for Gen Z? Lets start now!

GenZ is nothing like their Millennial parents in values, action, or desires, and they will soon be the most powerful and diverse buying demographic in US History. This session will unveil how to speak their ‘tech language’, unveil compelling examples and use cases from brands doing it well and give you the how-to’s to futureproof your digital signage strategy to “tap and trap” them.

Unleash Any CMS with AI to Automate Content, Make Digital Signage Sticky

Intelligent, automated digital signage is now more than a pipe dream, and the value it delivers for network owners is well beyond commonly known perceptions. Come hear (3) different solution providers enlighten the industry ecosystem on the use cases, proof and problems solved by empowering your digital signage with an AI-enabled CMS solution.

Pivoting Digital Signage from a Pandemic Response to a Customer Experience

COVID pushed the digital signage industry far out of its comfort zone, and the residual effects are opening doors we’ve pushed on for decades.  This exciting panel will unveil how to repurpose installed pandemic tools, like occupancy sensors, triggered alerts and camera analytics and  to ones that can ramp up both CX and Op Ex.

How to Maximize Mobile in the Digital Signage Ecosystem

The mobile phone is the ultimate omnichannel connection point, but how should it sync with your digital signage strategies? Learn how to take control on where, why, what and how mobile should integrate with a holistic in-venue journey - without cannibalizing other technologies vital to the marketing mix.

Day 2 - June 8

Demystifying New LED Products: How to Future-Proof Your AV Design Project

From pixel pitch to brightness, refresh rate to resolution, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to reducing risk and making the right decision for what new LED option is right for you or your customer. Explore the LED narrow pitch display market together as we simplify and unify terminology, bust the biggest myths, pair up specifications with performance expectations and take a peek at emerging developments, including meeting green credentials.

Peerless AV Case Study: First Americans Museum of Oklahoma Installs Unique Suspended Curved dvLED Video Wall

The First Americans Museum (FAM) of Oklahoma takes visitors through the collective stories of 39 Tribal Nations in Oklahoma today, presenting an immersive and powerful storytelling experience, a key feature being a stunning suspended curved dvLED wall. Learn the vision became a reality, along with insights and inspirations you can take into any similar initiative.

Battle of the Boxes: Media Players vs SOC

Smart display or standard media player? Grab your gloves and get ready to take on the big debate right in the ring! We’ll take on a few rounds reviewing the merits, risks, requirements, content types and and choice considerations you need to keep in mind when weighing which one is right for you, now and in the future.

Making Digital Signage Count and Accountable

“Did it work?” As long as the industry has tethered any digital signage installation with this question, we’re still vexed to publish proof points and measurement methods others can simply model. This session will refresh us with the tools, rules, strategies and systems to maximize and monetize any network.

At 3 pm, we’ll be breaking into to concurring tracks:

Education Session: Create a Display Wall That “Does it All” On a Budget

James Madison University turned an ordinary classroom wall into a huge interactive canvas that can be used for distance learning, collaboration, interactive dance exhibitions and more. Learn how they made  a “One Wall, Does it All” dream a reality while also on a budget.

Manufacturer’s Training: Peerless AV: dvLED Certified Installer Training Introduction

The need for installers specializing in Peerless-AV mounts has exploded over the past 18 months with no sign of slowing down. This session has been developed to certify installers and integrators on how to successfully manage SEAMLESS dvLED installations nationwide. * NOTE: All DS Education Pass holders are welcome to join!

How UNC's Reese Innovation Lab Used AI to Enforce COVID Policies

Learn UNC's Reese Innovation Lab partnered with Lenovo and Intel to rapidly deploy a mask and social distance detection signage using AI, agile design and rapid development. Learn the backstory to the inception of the Health Greeter Kiosk—from the innovation process to deployment—and prep for future possibilities for responsive or interactive digital signage using computer vision.

The Digital Signage Pavillion is packed this year, and we’re delighted to have the most exciting D=SIGN Conference programmed to date. Be sure to register now, and don’t forget to RSVP to the Digital Signage Mixer at the Brooklyn Bowl at 6 pm to toast this event! Also, be sure to join DSF Executive Committee member Paul Fleuranges on Day 3, June 9th, for a floor tour of digital signage providers exhibiting at IC22 at 10 AM. You may register for the tour through your IC22 registration as well. 

We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.


Laura Davis-Taylor
Branded Ground, Founder

Laura (AKA LDT) has been focused on creating meaningful digital experiences that bridge home, life and store for over 25 years, both as a consultant and within the walls of the most lauded global agencies. The founder of Brandedground, she serves on the Executive Board of the Digital Signage Federation, the Retail Design Institute’s SE Chapter and is an active contributor to RetailWire, RetailTouchpoints, and many other mainstream news outlets. She recently helped launch ACE, the Advocates of Connected Experiences, to facilitate cross-association conversations meant to solve the challenges that affect the entire ‘connected ecosystem.”