Dial In Your Collaboration Plan at InfoComm 2022

By Lauren Moore
Manager, Live Content US/Canada

Remote and hybrid work styles are here to stay. The Conferencing & Collaboration track will explore education starting with ways to identify collaboration challenges, moving to strategies to create a seamless video experience. InfoComm 2022 is covering the latest trends and technology for conferencing and collaboration that all techs should know.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Work Going Forward – 2023 and Beyond
Kay Sargent, Director of WorkPlace, HOK
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM

COVID-19 will not only change the way we work, but it will also change where we work and how we interact with each other. We will have to not only rethink the way we engage with the space but how we interact with each other. A new social dynamic will be created with potential for unease, increased anxiety, and conflict. We are also living in a time where exponential change is being driven by advances and rapid development of new autonomous technology. Hence, we are seeing the parallel rise of the machine age and the rise of the human factor. These two streams are converging and changing not only the tools we use, but when, where and how we work as well. Join us as we explore how to address the physical, social and technological challenges we are now faced with.

Solving Unified Communications Challenges with Technology
Paul Harris, CEO Aurora Multimedia Corporation
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

In this 1-hour presentation, Paul Harris will discuss the latest technology practices for unifying local and remote users for the best experience. This will include but not limited to Zoom Rooms, BYOD, AV over IP, Control Automation, signal extension, and much more. This session will focus on the overall experience necessary for local users to automate and distribute content in a room or facility while considering the requirements of the remote worker or student. Q&A will be part of this presentation to keep it interactive and as informative as possible.

Conference Room Refresh
Andy Howard, MBA, Managing Director, Howard & Associates
Nia Celestin, VP of Global Marketing, DTEN
Irwin Lazar, President & Principal Analyst, Metrigy
4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Most Enterprise conference room and training room environments were built for a different time - a time when most video conferencing was room to room. In today's Hybrid environment, with most video calls now supporting both room participants as well as hybrid participants, these legacy room environments provide a subpar user experience. The good news is there are a variety of technologies and design methodologies that can improve the room environment for both the room participants and remote participants.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Hardware Certification – Is it Necessary?
Phil Marechal, MS,VP of Product Management & Business Development, Yamaha Unified Communications
8:30 AM – 9:00 AM

Certification is a process that is used by several of the large web collaboration software providers like Zoom and Microsoft. It is designed to ensure that hardware devices work to meet both basic quality as well as feature sets inside the applications. Many devices still work without certification and can provide high quality experiences for customers. The session will look at certification and the pros and cons of selecting hardware devices. The presentation will also Include a discussion of PID's/VID's and software whitelists.

Human Connection and the Virtual Meeting
Mansour Brek, Eng – President, X2O Media
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM

The pandemic accelerated the trend for virtual meetings beyond expectations. Meetings are hybrid and the success of this format will depend on technology being able to cultivate the human connection like we experience in face-to-face conversations. This presentation will explore how technology helps to humanize virtual meetings to create an engaging and democratic environment for both remote and in-office participants that improves collaboration and discussion leading to better decision-making in this virtual format.

Why Meeting Equity is the Lifeblood of the Hybrid Workplace
Mansour Brek, Eng – President, X2O Media
Derrick Kelly, Director of Solutions Enablement, AVI-SPL
John Burnett, Product Evangelist, Pexip
Jim Recker, Technical Alliances Director, MURAL
Rony Sebok,  Director, Intelligent Video, Crestron
11:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Now more than ever leaders are focused on navigating the territory of hybrid work and searching for ways to create a positive, productive workplace and sense of belonging for employees. This means taking steps to ensure that everyone has a similar meeting experience with equal opportunities to contribute and make an impact regardless of where they are joining their meeting from. Conferencing technology continues to evolve and to evolve rapidly. We will discuss artificial intelligence and its use in several technologies: facial detection, noise cancelation, MLVAD, NLP, conferencing layouts, transcription, and translation. We will discuss the innovative and clever use of these technologies in delivering an inclusive and immersive meeting experience with the overall goal of meeting equity.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Building the Collaboration Plan that Users Want
Brad Sousa, Chief Technology Officer, AVI Systems
Scott Krueckeberg, Head of Strategic Alliances, DTEN
Monique Rezaei, Director North American Channels for Microsoft Devices, Microsoft
1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

In this session, participants will hear observations about how the global pandemic has changed the workplace and how people work forever. The presenter will address specific aspects of the new hybrid workplace that stem directly from the pandemic and how hybrid is now how we all work. They will address meeting technologies, communication and collaboration and workplace design that directly impacts how work gets done now and in the future.

Examining Today’s Collaboration Needs
Brian Cockrell, Intel Unite Product Owner & Co-founder, Intel
3:45 PM – 4:15 PM

Today’s collaboration needs -- and even the definition of workplace -- are rapidly changing, heightening the importance of interoperability, security, and adaptability. Users want to include whiteboarding, scrum applications, and other functionality that may not be standard or offered on their current solutions. And users need to collaborate both onsite and remotely, across communication channels that include a plethora of devices, operating systems, UC platforms, and other apps.

Voice of the End-Users – Envisioning Successful Hybrid Solutions Going Forward
Kay Sargent, Director of WorkPlace, HOK
Jennifer M. Kolstad, Global Design Director, Ford Motor Company
Monique Rezaei, Director, North America Channel Sales, Microsoft Teams Room Devices
Casey Carlson, Managing Director, Workplace Design Center of Excellence, Real Estate Services at Deloitte
4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

We are living in a time with an abundance of tech innovation and tools that enable new ways to connect. There is also a renewed sense of what is driving all this change – the desire to better enable people to live and work in optimum conditions. But many of us are still working in conference rooms where we can’t connect, and meetings are viewed as a waste of time. We need to embrace these new tech tools to enhance and support meaning human interaction. Combining our experience working with clients around the world, we know clients today want a holistic approach, ease, service, comprehensive solutions and spaces that empower and inspire people. Join us as we share how to design gathering spaces to achieve that.

To see the full list of Conferencing and Collaboration sessions available, click here: The Future of Communication is Here - InfoComm 2022 (infocommshow.org)


Lauren Moore
Avixa, Manager, Live Content US/Canada

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