1. AVIXA Membership

1.1. Membership with AVIXA is for a term of 12 months from date of purchase. To remain an active member, the membership must be renewed (or upgraded) by the end of the month the following year.

2. Categories of Membership

2.1. There are two categories of membership with AVIXA; Enterprise membership and Individual membership.

2.2. Enterprise membership is intended for an organization or business. The benefits of an Enterprise membership are primarily focused on the interests of a business (i.e., exhibit space discounts, directory listing, contract training, business development resources).

2.2.1. There are multiple levels of Enterprise membership with increasing benefits. The different levels of Enterprise membership are: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Use the available tools at avixa.org/membership to compare each level.

2.2.2. Branch offices of a Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise member can participate in all the benefits of the Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise member office if that branch office is connected to the Enterprise membership of the company’s main or headquarter office.

2.3. Individual memberships are personal connections to the audiovisual community. As a Premium or Elite member of AVIXA, access becomes available to training and tools that can elevate industry understanding and career skills. Use the available tools at avixa.org/membership to see the differences in each level and to determine the level of membership that is right for you.

2.3.1. All AVIXA memberships must have demographic information completed before gaining access to benefits.

2.3.2. Purchased memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

2.3.3. Premium membership Premium membership may be purchased by any individual. Premium membership is included for all staff of Enterprise members for the duration of that Enterprise membership.

2.3.4. Elite membership Elite membership may be purchased by any individual. A specific number of Elite memberships are included with Enterprise membership.

3. Enterprise or Company Accounts

3.1. Each Enterprise has a unique membership account with AVIXA.

3.2. The account holds a roster of employees connected to the Enterprise member.

3.3. Key individuals within the Enterprise account. Primary contacts are required with each Enterprise account. Education and Billing Contacts are optional and when not identified, the outlined details below default to the Primary Contact.

3.3.1. Primary Contact. The Primary Contact is the person responsible for originating and sustaining the AVIXA membership relationship. The Primary Contact has unique control over the account. Primary Contact’s dashboard There are two tabs to choose from as a Primary Contact, Corporate and your own Individual account. You can change your own contact details or the company’s contact details from this dashboard. You can select your Elite Members on your account using the check box feature. There is a search function to find employees. Hit the save button once your selection is made.

3.3.2. Education Contact. By using their own personal dashboard, each person can see their own education history, activity and CTS transcript (if CTS certification is held). The Education Contact of an Enterprise member will be able to see the education history of all individuals attached to the company account and current course progress of individuals (from February 2018). The Education Contact will also be able to see all CTS/D/I holders in a company, the number of RUs held by each and their renewal dates.

3.3.3. Billing Contact. The Billing Contact is the nominated individual to receive invoices from AVIXA.

3.3.4. Designated Contact. The individual selected to represent the Enterprise member in association business that requires a vote of the membership.

4. Association Voting

4.1. Each Enterprise member through its Designated Contact, shall be entitled to cast one vote on all matters submitted to a vote of the membership, and shall have the right to elect individuals to the Board of Directors, the Secretary-Treasurer, and to the Leadership Search Committee. No other company or organizational personnel other than the Designated Contact, and no individual member, shall be eligible to vote.

4.2. Each Enterprise member shall be represented at membership meetings by a Designated Contact who shall have the authority to act fully on its behalf. In advance of the annual membership meeting, each Voting Member shall provide written notice to AVIXA of the name of the individual serving as Designated Contact and authorized to act on behalf of the Voting Member for the upcoming fiscal year. AVIXA shall maintain a list of Designated Contacts entitled to participate in the membership meetings on behalf of each member. In the event that a Voting Member must change its Designated Contact, the Voting Member shall provide prompt written notice to AVIXA of such change.

5. Renewal of AVIXA Membership

5.1. Memberships can be renewed beginning one month prior to expiration. A renewal invoice will be sent via email to the Primary Contact approximately thirty (30) days before expiration. (Upgrades can be done anytime a membership is active. See “Upgrading Your AVIXA Membership” for more detail.)

6. Upgrading Your AVIXA Membership

6.1. Active AVIXA members can upgrade to a higher level of membership at any time during active membership. It is not necessary to wait until renewal.

6.2. Because upgrades are available for active members, you simply need to pay the price difference from your current level and the level to which you are upgrading.

6.2.1. Example: If Bronze/Silver/Gold cost $500/$1,750/$4,750 respectively, a current Bronze member that paid $500 for their Bronze membership would pay $1,250 to upgrade to Silver. ($1,750 (cost of Silver membership) – $500 (cost of Bronze membership) = $1,250)

6.2.2. Example: Any active member with a paid Premium membership may upgrade to Elite by paying the difference in membership cost.

6.3. Upgrading causes a restart of the 12-month membership. Once you upgrade, you will be assigned a new membership start date – the day of the upgrade.

6.4. A Silver member that upgraded from Bronze may also upgrade to Gold at any time prior to membership expiring.

6.5. You can continue to upgrade to higher levels throughout your membership cycle, as long as membership is active.

6.6. Important: After membership expires, upgrades are not available. The full membership price must be paid to reinstate an expired membership.

6.7. Just like with membership purchase, there are no refunds for upgrade fees. Member level downgrades are not accepted.

7. Elite Memberships Included With a Bronze, Silver or Gold Enterprise Membership

7.1. A specific number of Elite memberships are included with any Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise membership. The number of included Elite memberships are as follows: Bronze = 5 Elite memberships
Silver = 15 Elite memberships
Gold = 50 Elite memberships

7.2. Regardless of when an included Elite membership is assigned to an individual, all included Elite memberships will terminate simultaneous with the Enterprise account, if the Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise membership expires.

7.3. Each Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise member must have a Primary Contact associated with the AVIXA account. By using the AVIXA dashboard, the Primary Contact has the capability to select which personnel from the staff roster will have access to the included Elite membership benefits.

7.4. The included Elite memberships are only for assignment to employees of that enterprise.

7.4.1. If branches are included in the Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise member AVIXA account, the employees of the branch office can also be assigned one of the included Elite memberships by the Primary Contact.

7.4.2. The included Elite memberships are the property of the Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise member and may be assigned or revoked as the Primary Contact chooses, within the following constraints: Those assigned to the included Elite memberships may only be changed within thirty (30) days after Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise membership renewal or upgrade. If an individual holding an included Elite membership is no longer employed by the Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise member, the individual may be removed and replaced with another staff member at any time during the membership year.

7.4.3. The Bronze/Silver/Gold Enterprise member may choose to purchase additional Elite memberships over and above the allotted number of included Elite memberships. Any purchased Elite memberships will be the property of the individual originally assigned for the duration of that 12-month membership and are not transferable.

8. Exhibitor Discounts With AVIXA Membership

8.1. AVIXA membership is not required to exhibit at any trade show associated with AVIXA.

8.2. Discounts on show floor space are available to AVIXA members for specific trade shows.

8.2.1. Included trade shows and affected shows:
InfoComm U.S. – for space at InfoComm 2021 in Orlando
InfoComm India – for space at InfoComm India 2022
Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) – for space at ISE 2022

8.3. Availability of discount is dependent upon the exhibiting member holding an appropriate membership level (Bronze/Silver/Gold) for the total floor space purchase at the included show where a discount is desired.

8.3.1. Bronze members may take advantage of reduced member price if their booth purchase is 50 m2 or less (60 m2 for Integrated Systems Europe, 500 ft2 for InfoComm U.S.).

8.3.2. Silver members enjoy member pricing if their booth purchase is 150 m2 or less (160 m2 for Integrated Systems Europe, 1500 ft2 or less for InfoComm U.S.).

8.3.3. Gold members enjoy member pricing for any booth size purchase.

8.3.4. Examples Bronze member with 9m2 at InfoComm India is eligible for member pricing. Bronze member with 700 ft2 at InfoComm US 2021 is not eligible for discounted member pricing. Bronze member may choose to upgrade it's membership to Silver to be eligible for member pricing. Silver member with 700 ft2 at InfoComm U.S. 2021, 60 m2 at InfoComm India 2021 or Integrated Systems Europe would be eligible for member pricing for each of these shows.

8.4. Members that were automatically converted to Bronze membership in January 2018 will be credited with $500 toward membership upgrade following guidelines in Section 6 Upgrading Your AVIXA Membership.

8.5. Member must hold appropriate level of active membership at time of first contract payment for show desiring discounted member rate.

8.6. AVIXA offers reduced membership pricing for companies and individuals residing in emerging economies. This reduced price offering is intended solely for those non-exhibiting members. Exhibiting members that wish to take advantage of available membership discount rates for affected show floor space must pay full price for their membership and cannot have attained their membership by purchasing membership using emerging economy pricing.

         8.6.1. For reference, 2021 full price membership are as follows:

        • Bronze = US$500
        • Silver = US$1750
        • Gold = US$4750

9. Your Individual Account at AVIXA

9.1. Each individual member has it's own account with AVIXA.

9.1.1. The account is identified by a unique email address for the individual.

9.1.2. Each account is password protected.

9.1.3. The first time you log into your AVIXA account, you will need to fill out some basic information. This screen will only show the first time you log in; once you have submitted this information you will go straight to your personal dashboard.

9.2. You can log into your Education dashboard from your AVIXA account.

9.2.1. You will need to re-enter your username and password to access your Education dashboard. Within the dashboard you will be able to check your Education History, CTS RUs and other related information.

9.3. If your account is connected to an active Enterprise member company, the appropriate Enterprise member benefits will also be available to you.

9.4. Elite members that are nominated by their company

9.4.1. You will need to have an account as a Premium Member before you can be selected to be an Elite Member by your company unless you have purchased the Elite membership yourself.

9.4.2. Once Elite Status has been activated, you can log into your account as an Elite member and log into your Education dashboard from your AVIXA account. Elite Members will have a special Elite Member Education dashboard giving free access to all AVIXA online education.

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