Program Administration Policies 

The AVIXA independent Certification Committee believes that as a credible credentialing organization it should facilitate appropriate preparation of candidates for the CTS® exams, as well as maintain and support the community of registered CTS professionals. AVIXA, under the guidelines of professional, recognized certification accreditation organizations such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), will provide appropriate exam preparatory materials and other programs and services as allowed by those guidelines and will continue to work with other audiovisual stakeholders to encourage educational and training programs in assisting candidates with established knowledge, skills and abilities as audiovisual professionals.

The AVIXA Certification Program does not accredit or endorse any particular training course or source of education.

The Certification Committee provides as public information, Candidate Handbooks, an exam content outline blueprint with job task analysis information, a primary reference materials listing, glossary and other materials online. These are suggested materials in helping individuals to become prepared for the exams. The list/information provided is not intended to be inclusive of all potentially useful resources, nor does inclusion on this list constitute an endorsement by the Certification Committee. The Certification Committee does not endorse any particular reference as being completely accurate and encompassing and recommends that applicants utilize multiple resources in the process of preparing for the exam.

Experience indicates that audiovisual technology candidates who participate in formal training programs emerge better prepared for their professional positions as audiovisual technology specialists and as qualified candidates for the certification exams than those who do not.

Certification is not a guarantee for performance by certified individuals. Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) holders at all levels of certification have demonstrated audiovisual knowledge and/or skills. Certified individuals adhere to the CTS Code of Ethics and Conduct and maintain their status through continued education. Certification demonstrates commitment to professional growth in the audiovisual industry and is strongly supported by AVIXA.

All eligibility, application, score reports, special accommodation requests and general inquiries regarding AVIXA certification will be handled through the AVIXA Certification Office, with headquarters located in Fairfax, Va., U.S.A. Purchases of education, membership or any other AVIXA services are not required to seek certification.

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