AVIXA's Peer-to-Peer Program is a group of AVIXA members interested in advancing the AV industry by learning from other professionals. Members engaged in this program exchange knowledge and experience, virtually, with each other while creating a respectful and conducive environment. 

Premium and Elite members are welcome to join any time while Basic members are able to test the program for a six-month span. Individuals are divided into groups of six–eight participants based on their time zone and region. Each group will have a facilitator that will organize and guide the monthly meetings. In these virtual meetings, participants will discuss topics related to career-advancement, work-life balance, conflict resolution and much more. 

Upcoming Events
AV Systems Monitoring - March 2023

Register for this course as we explore the future of the AV industry!

Content Production & Streaming Power Hour: Managing Latency for High Quality Audio in Streaming Applications

We will go over basic system design principles to help minimize latency and discuss the trade-offs necessary for ultra-low latency systems.

Digital Workplace Power Hour: Creating Your Digital Workplace Roadmap

Explore current sources of data and how to assess stakeholder needs for the next evolution of the digital workplace.