AVIXA's Peer-to-Peer Program is a group of AVIXA members interested in advancing the AV industry by learning from other professionals. Members engaged in this program exchange knowledge and experience, virtually, with each other while creating a respectful and conducive environment. 

Premium and Elite members are welcome to join any time while Basic members are able to test the program for a six-month span. Individuals are divided into groups of six–eight participants based on their time zone and region. Each group will have a facilitator that will organize and guide the monthly meetings. In these virtual meetings, participants will discuss topics related to career-advancement, work-life balance, conflict resolution and much more. 

Upcoming Events
Dante AV: The Ease of Dante, Now for Video

Join us and learn about the advancements in the Dante AV solution that will certainly help your clients!

Network Security: The Convergence of A/V and IT

Join us as we explore security options for A/V networks and cover some practical techniques you can apply to your own configurations.

Digital Signage Summit Europe

Digital Signage Summit Europe is widely acknowledged as Europe’s leading strategy conference for the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home industry.