Upcoming Control Room Power Hour Webinars

An organization's control and command center is the backbone of its operations but it's more than just a control room. It has a complex and multi-faceted relationship with your entire IT and AV infrastructure. Check out AVIXA's upcoming webinars on this very topic and learn how this critical component can relate to your organization.

Control Room Power Hour: Managing the Visual Layer of Operator Workspaces

You could argue that the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. And to a certain extent, that is true. However, an overload of information can quickly overwhelm you and cloud your vision. In command and control centers, handling information overload is a daily challenge for operators. In order to make better and more informed decisions, control room operators today depend on more data and information than ever before. To cope with this information growth, operators are not only using more source views and display monitors, but they also have to control multiple keyboards and mice, because applications exist on separate networks and have to be managed through different computers.
Additionally, thanks to the proliferation of camera and sensor technologies, it has never been easier to collect real-time information and visualize it on the Common Operational Picture. Today’s limitations are, thus, no longer defined by technology, but by the limited human capacity to process information overload efficiently. It helps to build a control room with the operator at the center of the information flow. It needs to be a seamless blend where AV, IT and OT come together to create efficiency. Join us in this edition of the Power Hour to learn about visual ergonomics and operational efficiency in a control room:
  • Operator centricity of AV displays
  • Keyboard-Video-Monitor Ergonomics
  • Managing the information mix across AV & IT
  • Legacy and modern systems working in cohesion 

Control Room Power Hour: Support Spaces that Distribute a Simplified View of Big Data

The control room is the nerve center of any corporate operation. The Common Operational Picture, which is made up of all of the incoming information from a variety of sensors and sources such as cameras, applications, imagery, and more, is crucial to an organization’s risk assessment and plan implementation. For a well-functioning environment, it is highly desirable to extend that information and intelligence beyond the control room support spaces to board rooms, experience centers, fusion centers, and remote field locations. These enterprise extensions of the situation can create better outcomes for your organization and customer by providing:

  • Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing – Having real time data on demand, from control rooms into meeting rooms, to experience centers and further out to offsite locations improves collaboration between internal and external stakeholders.
  • Extended situational awareness that aligns multiple stakeholders and sharing information accordingly to facilitate better decision making and responsiveness.

Stay tune for instruction on how to register and attend.