Smart Buildings Power Hour: Workplace and Health

By Marcella Walsh
Content Manager

April’s Smart Buildings Power Hour panel addressed workplace and health with moderator Bob Snyder of Channel Media News. Experts Maureen Ehrenberg of Blue Skyre, Steve Fey of Totem Building and Darlene Pope of Planon provided some key points:

  • It’s important to determine what integrations are vital to the smart workplace, what planning is necessary to implement these solutions and how to coordinate with other building contractors to design and install these services.
  • COVID-19 has altered the workplace, however changes were already necessary and once the pandemic is over, we need to continue to prioritize workplace health.
  • Workplace metrics aren’t just about air quality and occupancy. They fall into three categories – environmental, social and governance. Tracking and analyzing all metrics are crucial to making the improvements needed.


    See the entire webinar here: Smart Buildings Power Hour: Workplace and Health


Marcella Walsh
AVIXA, Content Manager

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