Interview with Fabrizio Rossi

Fabrizio Rossi

Fabrizio Rossi, CTS-I, CTS-D
TT Group


Fabrizio Rossi is the CEO of TT Group and obtained his CTS, CTS-D, and CTS-I certifications all within the months of September to December 2023. We interviewed Fabrizio to learn about his journey to success.

Why did you decide to take the CTS exam? What motivated you to also obtain your CTS-D and CTS-I certifications?

I have been familiar with AVIXA for many years, and throughout my professional career I have met many colleagues, particularly in the UK and Germany, who already held the CTS certification. Once TT Group started to target the international market where CTS certification is often required by tenders, this gave me the impetus obtain it myself.

Obtaining the CTS provides one with well-defined deliverables to submit to stakeholders and a shared knowledge base to refer to when coordinating the diverse array of professionals in the AV world. In addition, it provides a working methodology that can be understood and utilized by those connected to but outside the AV industry, such as architects, planners, general contractors, companies carrying out civil and electrical works, network administrators and those responsible for integrated security.

Once I realised the benefits of a structured approach to the AV world such as the one standardised by AVIXA, it was natural for me to further enhance my skills with the specialist certifications CTS-D for Design and CTS-I for Installation, as it meant adding method and value to my professionalism, interaction with colleagues and partners, and ultimately making my company and the work I do better every day.

How do you think the CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I certifications will help you in your professional growth?

In Italy, all too often AV installation projects lack preliminary design and planning, specifically in terms of the systematicity and measurability of the results. TT Group has always had its core business in Command and Control solutions, where design quality and a structured approach are a priority. However, today the entire landscape of professional AV applications, from corporate, through digital signage, to retail and broadcast, faces increasingly multidisciplinary and complex challenges. This requires a choral approach, where each party must follow a shared conductor rather than be led solo.

In this rapidly evolving context, the CTS-D certification for Professional AV System Design and the CTS-I for Installation represent an essential point of reference for any professional who wants to position himself within the market with objective credentials to gain public and private customers.

What advice would you give to those preparing for the exams?

There are very different ways in which one can approach the exams. Having a strong professional background in the field helps immensely. However, even extensive experience alone is not enough. It is necessary to know and understand the basic elements of the delivery process of an AV solution, from design to maintenance service. Finally, another important aspect, especially for those who do not know English proficiently, is to study the technical terminology in English. Fortunately, all this is possible with the wide variety of teaching aids available, starting with the documentation provided online by AVIXA, including webpages and video courses, webinars and books.

Is there any specific experience related to CTS, CTS-D, CTS-I or AVIXA in general that you would like to recount?

During the ISE fair in Barcelona, I found myself in an interesting situation. On the sidelines of a conference I was attending, I got involved in a technical 'dispute' about how the contrast of a LED wall should be measured in a particular room condition. The comments of the international discussion panel members were all very interesting and valuable from a technical point of view. However, they seemed to be unconvincing to others because they adopted a biased point of view that always overlooked certain elements.

When I was asked for my point of view, I merely mentioned a few considerations that I had explored during my CTS-D course. At first, I didn’t mention their source, but once the discussion became more heated, I introduced the international ANSI/Avixa V201.01:2021 ISCR (Image System Contrast Ratio) standard that was part of my CTS-I and CTS-D training. Suddenly the discussion ended, with the entire panel unanimously agreeing on the significance of the standard. It was clear that the strength of the argument alone did not suffice, and that the standard’s authority and my certifications had a major impact on the weight of my points. This experience made me appreciate the value of CTS certifications even more.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for supporting you along this path?

I would like to thank my colleagues at TT Group. They are all extraordinary professionals who remind me to face challenges and find new opportunities in them every day. They supported and encouraged me on this path and have taken on the extra work caused by my absence during the time I spent preparing. In the coming months it will be their turn and I wish them all the best in their endeavours!

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