Higher Education, Learning Technology

Higher Education, Learning Technology

AV Technology in Higher Education Increases Student Retention and Engagement

A new generation of students has high expectation for the technology in their learning spaces. AV technology integrations on a college campus send a signal to students that the learning experience will be interactive and collaborative.

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Davidson Davie College | 22Miles College Campus Wayfinding Customer Testimonial


In response to a growing student population and logistics challenges, Davidson-Davie College's IT directors sought ways to not only reduce the time it took for students and visitors to navigate around the growing campus, but to implement technology innovations that could facilitate the college’s needs as they evolved. Utilizing 22Miles Publisher Pro CMS, 3D interactive wayfinding and interactive digital signage were implemented on 19 touch screens across two primary campuses. “Updating the directories and individual signs are things that we can easily do through the web interface. The ease of using the system, we can kind of share that responsibility with other areas of campus, so marketing can handle adding advertisements, and other departments can handle other campus related content and directories.” -Donald Beck – Director of IT Services – Davidson-Davie Community College


Maximizing digital displays on USC's campus with Korbyt | The Idea Xchange


Join Lex Evans, Customer Experience Designer at the University of Southern California, Lance Ford, Education advocate and Zoom Room Specialist at Zoom, and Ankur Ahlowalia, CEO of Korbyt, as they discuss how they used digital signage to meet the needs of today's digital-native students throughout USC’s campus. Learn how they used a digital signage to help educators connect with students on a whole new level, creating a digitally rich learning experience and having a greater impact than ever before.


Creating Inclusive Learning Environments l All Things TechIE Podcast


In this episode of the All Things TechIE Podcast, guests Kevin Hill from X2O Media and Joel Cruz from BZB Gear joined host Justin Dawson to delve into the crucial role of technology in creating inclusive learning environments and promoting virtual engagement. From the challenges of event participation to the significance of visual engagement in remote learning and virtual meetings, the discussion covered a wide array of topics. Let's further explore the key takeaways from the insightful conversation. Technology's Role in Inclusive Learning Environments A substantial portion of the discussion centered around the imperative role of technology in creating inclusive learning environments. Kevin Hill emphasized the significance of engaging and inclusive learning spaces, stressing the need for software that facilitates hybrid and remote learning. Joel Cruz echoed this sentiment, underscoring the vital role of advanced technology, such as cameras with auto-tracking, in fostering a sense of presence and engagement in remote learning. The guests emphasized the importance of delivering clear and concise content, while also addressing the accessibility needs of diverse learners and remote users. From the utilization of speakerphones for hybrid learning environments to the consideration of factors like acoustics and room setup for neurodiverse individuals, the conversation underscored the need for adaptable and inclusive technology solutions. Visual Engagement and Remote Learning The discussion further delved into the significance of visual engagement in remote learning and virtual meetings. The guests elucidated the importance of keeping cameras on for visualization and engagement, emphasizing the value of having everyone engaged and present in the moment, mirroring the dynamics of a traditional classroom setting. This focus on visual engagement aligns with the broader shift towards evolving traditional classroom models and leveraging technology to create more engaging and inclusive learning spaces. The potential benefits of technology, such as 8k solutions, in education and healthcare for training, procedures, and therapy were also explored, emphasizing the potential of technology to transcend traditional educational and healthcare frameworks. Overcoming Barriers and Pushing Technological Boundaries The conversation also touched on the challenges and opportunities associated with pushing technological boundaries, particularly in implementing 8k technology. From the significance of visual clarity and fast refresh rates in gaming and other applications to the bandwidth challenges of implementing 8k technology, the episode shed light on the need to overcome barriers to enhance visual and therapeutic experiences. The potential for AI to revolutionize camera technology for real-time engagement monitoring and data analysis was also highlighted, underlining the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of technology solutions. As the conversation drew to a close, the importance of staying ahead of the curve with a range of 8k solutions for various technology products was emphasized, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of technology and its potential to shape inclusive learning environments and virtual engagement.


Evolution of Classroom Technology l All Things TechIE Podcast


In Episode 89, our guest Erin from Johns Hopkins University shares insights on accommodating diverse tech preferences for educators, challenges in standardizing equipment, and exploring new solutions like transparent LEDs. Join us as we discuss the evolution of classroom tech, the impact of COVID on educational technology, and the exciting possibilities of immersive experiences, VR, and AI. This podcast is sponsored by X2o Media and BZB Gear. For all of our Podcasts from ISE 2024 visit www.AllThingsTech.IE/Events/ISE2024


Funding AI Education with New Legislation

The Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act is a proactive measure designed to address the growing need for AI literacy in education and the workforce.


To Be of Not to Be…That is the AV Question

Audiovisual and Information Technology certifications are essential for professionals and technology buyers. Discover why they matter for success.


5 Emerging Trends in Education Tech for 2024

From artificial intelligence to virtual and augmented reality, here are some of the most exciting emerging trends in education technology.


019: AV/IT Amplifier Podcast - The Life and Times of Daryl Krall


AV/IT Amplifier Episode 019 In this episode we welcome Daryl Krall who shares about his over 25 years in the AV/IT industry. Daryl talks about his affinity for higher education and his role in Panasonic's efforts to provide comprehensive AV solutions for campuses. We discuss how technology in education has evolved over time, focusing on the changing needs of students and the importance of reliable AV equipment. Daryl also shares insights about his travel experiences and the benefits of programs like TSA pre-check for frequent travelers. They touch on the role of organizations like HETMA and ETC in fostering collaboration and innovation within the AVIT industry. The episode highlights the value of connecting with professionals from different institutions and companies to drive positive changes in educational technology. Connect with Daryll: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darryl-krall-32744510/ na.panasonic.com Connect with Ryan: https://twitter.com/Ryan_A_Gray https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanagray/ [email protected] Follow the Show: https://twitter.com/AVITAmplifier https://higheredav.com/category/media/AVIT-Amplfier/ Voiceovers by Chris Dechter: https://twitter.com/cdechter https://www.linkedin.com/in/cdechter/ Please rate and review the show wherever you get your podcasts, feedback is very welcome and we look forward to hearing from you!


The Next Act with Cory Schaeffer


AV/IT Amplifier Episode 016 We welcome a very special guest! Cory Schaeffer joins the show to talk about her career in the AV industry and shares some amazing lessons learned along the way. Hear about the opening acts of her journey and maybe what is in store for her next act. Connect with Cory: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coryschaeffer1/ Connect with Ryan: https://twitter.com/Ryan_A_Gray https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanagray/[email protected] Follow the Show: https://twitter.com/AVITAmplifier https://higheredav.com/category/media/AVIT-Amplfier/ Voiceovers by Chris Dechter: https://twitter.com/cdechter https://www.linkedin.com/in/cdechter/ Please rate and review the show wherever you get your podcasts, feedback is very welcome and we look forward to hearing from you!


Live Interviews from the HETMA Show Floor Booth at InfoComm 2023 – Part 2


What trends are we seeing in higher ed? What new products are our partners delivering to help us be successful? What does it mean for higher ed and the AV industry that an end-user organization like HETMA puts a booth on the InfoComm tradeshow floor? Check out what our esteemed guests say in part 2 of 2.


218: InfoComm 2023 Post-Show Live with Joe Way


Joe Way goes solo in a live stream to the HETMA Community channel to offer his refections on InfoComm 2023 and what it means for the higher ed vertical.


The Success of Education Technology Post-Covid

The future of classroom instruction will fully embrace technology.


The Bald AV Guys Join AVIXA TV at InfoComm


Rich Miller and George Chacko, the Bald AV Guys from the podcast 'Cables, Coffee, and Curveballs' join Sam and Ben to talk about their work at Pace University. You can watch 'Cables, Coffee, and Curveballs' on AVIXA TV.


This Brand New School is Training the Next Generation of AV professionals


Located in Madrid Content City and just a few blocks from a Netflix production hub, iFP is a brand-new facility that equips students with the knowledge they need to succeed and lead the AV industry. And it's packed with some of the latest and greatest AV technology. So come on, let's take a Field Trip!


Going Full Circle with Michigan State University’s VR Igloo


While "Spartans Will" can be used to describe Michigan State University's tenacity when it comes to athletics, it can also be used to describe the future of academics and what can be created. With this in mind, look no further than the fully immersive VR experience by Igloo Vision. Located in MSU's Digital Scholarship Lab, this installation provides students and professors with the tools to take their projects to the next level. Let's take a field trip and explore!

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