Securing AV over IP: Start With a Security Mindset

In the July IT and Networked AV Power Hour, the panelists discussed how to prepare a risk-based security strategy led by moderator and network design expert Aaron Weiler. Aunshul Rege, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Temple University, Frank Padikkala, Technical Sales Engineer for Audinate, and Alex Pendleton, Senior Systems Engineer for NETGEAR, weighed in on biggest challenges for AV networks. Here are a few of the leading takeaways from the exchange:

  • Expect to see two-factor authentication coming to AV networks in the future.
  • We are entering a new revolution of AVoIP. Use a security mindset, start today and you’ll build the framework over time. Data and information have an associated value and it’s important to look at security from an architecture perspective to be successful in the design process.
  • Security will change – quarterly reviews of security frameworks and documentation are needed to stay on top of new security risks. Have clear points of accountability for each component, identify the acceptable risk tolerance level for your AV system and be proactive with communication for everyone involved.
  • If you are working on an AVoIP project, can you ask how the network team is? Who the security team is? Come up with a list of questions, identify the stakeholders and don’t forget to reach out manufacturers early in the design process to vet design plans to ensure they will work.

Padikkala closed with, “Don’t underestimate your knowledge today. You already know far more about AV, networking, and security than you did 5 years ago.” View the webinar playback here.

For those wanting to further their IT/AV knowledge, AVIXA has just released a new AVoIP Foundations course, available to members, and offers a standard on Recommended Practices for Security in Networked Audiovisual Systems.


Annette Sandler

Annette Sandler has worked in live events for over 10 years, delivering creative, connected experiences. As the Director of Content Development for AVIXA, Annette curates in-person and digital content that shines a spotlight on the power of AV technology and integrated experiences. If you have a story to tell about AV technology, you can reach Annette at [email protected].