Interview with Gabriele Gianni, CTS-I

By Peter Schädel
Manager, Marketing, EMEA
I have been working in the audio, video and control sector for many years, and I have always remained curious and open to learning about new tools, technologies and methods so I can do my job more effectively, better satisfy my clients and create value for the company I work for. Initially, I took the CTS prep course, got hooked and after a period of study I took the certification exam. It is not only a professional recognition, but also a useful validation of the knowledge acquired. My continuous sense of improvement and my desire to acquire even greater technical expertise led me to continue my journey with the CTS-I certification.

For colleagues in the industry, or those that aspire to work in AV, I would definitely recommend both certifications. The CTS is very useful for improving the management of customer solutions. My recommendation is to follow the AVIXA CTS prep course and then, if necessary, use the book to recall the concepts and various details. In contrast, for the CTS-I certification, my advice is to gain experience in the field to fully grasp the topics covered. For studying for the CTS-I certification, the accompanying book is extremely helpful for consolidating all the details.


I am able to accumulate RU credits by following further training courses and putting the knowledge acquired into practice in the field, which is very stimulating. It allows me to both keep my skills current and to actively build the future of audiovisual solutions in the Italian and European markets.

AVIXA membership has been very important for me, as it has spurred me on to acquire new skills and consolidate existing ones. I am deeply grateful to the association and in particular to Valeria Rapa, who provided me with the necessary information in a timely manner and also put me in touch with experts for more technical explanations.

I’m grateful also to the company I work for, Essedi, and especially to Silvio D’Angelantonio, who believes in me and has sponsored this training.


Peter Schädel
AVIXA, Manager, Marketing, EMEA