‘Engaging Experiences’ is the Focus at Digital Signage Summit Europe 2023

On 5-6 July 2023, Digital Signage Summit Europe will be held at Hilton Munich Airport, Germany, in conjunction with the release of the Invidis yearbook for 2023. The conference will explore 'Engaging Experiences – Concepts, Creation, and Content.'

This year's DSS Europe presents a fresh approach to digital signage and insights into how businesses use DooH to create unique and engaging communication journeys. As a bonus, attendees will receive a copy of the invidious Yearbook, widely regarded as a definitive source of market trends and exclusive industry insights. This issue contains two key topics, 'Engaging Experiences' and 'Green Signage,' that will be explored further during the two-day summit.

A significant theme of DSS Europe is how digital workflows transform the digital signage industry and how content can be delivered in a fraction of a second instead of hours. Smart, innovative, and effective ways of delivering first- and third-party data to life using programmatic methods are at the heart of engaging experiences. This can provide customers with a more consistent, personalized experience and help to drive better business results. With the right strategy, digital signage can become an effective tool for creating memorable customer experiences. Ultimately, this is the key to success in the digital signage industry.

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