D=SIGN Power Hour: Multi-Display & Video Wall Content Creation

By Lauren Moore
Manager, Live Content US/Canada

July’s D=SIGN Power Hour panel addressed multi-display & video wall content creation with moderator Paul Fleuranges of the Digital Signage Federation. Experts Daniel Hurtado of Userful, Digital Signage Creative Director Jim Nista, and Bryan Meszaros of OpenEye Global provided some key points:

  • Look for flexibility so that you are not limited what you can do creatively and working with your client to make a big impact.
  • When looking at budgets consider valuing content over technology – the content you provide will drive value out of the tangible technology item that you purchased.
  • Move the communication with the creative decision makers and producers up front. Get the creative briefs out to the client to really understand what they want prior to building the project from a hardware and content perspective.
See the entire webinar here.

Lauren Moore
Avixa, Manager, Live Content US/Canada

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