Co-Founder of Embodme Discusses the Future of Touchless Sensing

By Iulia Popescu
Coordinator, Digital Content

An enthralling audiovisual experience awaits you at a finger's touch (or soon-to-be hover). Artists can easily compose dynamic music elements from shapes and patterns using the MIDI controller, ERAE Touch.

MIDI controllers generate and transmit Musical Instrument Digital Interface data to MIDI-enabled devices to trigger sounds and control parameters during a musical performance.

The French company Embodme, whose name comes from the term embodiment, is a startup demonstrating the potential of MIDI controllers for musicians, integrators, lighting technicians, architects, industrial designers, and more. They have already begun to think about efficiency and safety in a novel way for music creation and beyond.

With its 18-inch silicone surface, the ERAE Touch is a polyphonic MIDI controller that can be used for live performances and studio sessions. The device is provided with advanced templates and quick menu access to optimize workflow efficiency. It is also the first musical controller to embed more than a thousand high-quality Force Sensitive Resistors (FSRs), making it sensitive yet still firm enough to use with drumsticks. Coldplay is currently touring with the device, and Flume has used it during live performances, to name a few. 

And Embodme is working on a future model which offers a breakthrough touchless technology that they will be bringing to showcase at Infocomm 2022 in Las Vegas, opening the door of possibilities for many. On top of the hygienic applications of touchless navigating on a public screen, various markets and professionals can utilize the complex 3D interactions it will enable.

To learn more about “what’s in the box” that consumers of ERAE Touch receive and get some insight into the future of touchless technology, AVIXA recently spoke with Alexandre Panizzoli, co-founder and COO of Embodme, who is based in Paris, France.



Iulia Popescu
AVIXA, Coordinator, Digital Content

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