Audiovisual systems administration is complicated and challenging. Deployments rely on several different technology providers to assemble the complete solution, each with its own requirements, software tools and management approach. With the proliferation of AV systems over the last several years, a new challenge is being presented to the AV community: how do we monitor and manage these systems through their lifecycle at scale? While updating firmware on one device by hand is fine, what happens when you need to update 100's or 1000's of devices remotely all over the world. How will you know if there’s an issue with these rooms and how that issue impacts other parts of the system? And how can you make this simpler through specification and standards? Explore these topics and more. This course is designed for anyone who is responsible for the technical management and support of AV systems post-installation, but will also benefit design engineers, programmers, and manufacturers. Register for this course as we explore the future of the AV industry!

You will learn to: 

  • Identify the core challenges with AV systems management
  • Explore standard technologies that can enable powerful management capabilities
  • Examine how prioritizing management capabilities during specification can save time, produce better results, and avoid costly mistakes
  • Demonstrate how we can utilize open-source software to monitor and automate AV systems

    Class Schedule

    March 29-31 from 1-4 pm EST


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      Frederick Loucks
      Chief Technology Officer 
      Level 3 Audio Visual LLC

      • Frederick is a passionate technology leader with over 10 years of AV industry experience spanning solution architecture, engineering, enterprise technology management, and technology leadership.
      • With roots in live theatre, Frederick is passionate about creating incredible experiences for his customers and colleagues.
      • Often innovating on the bleeding edge of our industry, Frederick has a unique perspective on AV technology and its role in the future of work.
      • A nerd at heart, he has a love for automation, IoT, edge computing, Python, and all things sci-fi /fantasy.
      • He is passionate, cheerful, tenacious, and proud to be on team L3AV.


      Event Information

      29-31 March 2023

      1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
      Eastern Standard Time