The fusion of physical and digital in a way that is unique to a challenger Brand's ambition and sets the retail experience apart from bolder competitors is no easy feat. The requirements to design and engineer digital signage-based experiences are integrated throughout so they operate seamlessly and in harmony - when multiple partners and teams are required to deliver is particularly complex and can pose numerous risks to budget, timing, and one's sanity. This session uncovers the good, bad, and the ugly truths of when a LED manufacturer is tasked with serving as the "GC" (general contractor) in a massive flagship project: from the experience design through to technical integration of the immersive, interactive, and virtual components of this unique product/lifestyle experience center. Learn not only how Gable Signs created a big, bold beautiful experience in front of the walls - but what had to happen behind the walls to make it possible.

Join this August Power Hour to learn about:

  • Identify the key stakeholders and decision makers for a large-scale project and learn how to work with them
  • Evaluate a site environment to develop a design that suits the goals for the project
  • Coordinate with other contractors when approaching a project of this scope

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        Bryan Meszaros 
        CEO and Founder
        OpenEye Global

        • Bryan Meszaros is the CEO and Founder of OpenEye Global. His vision and interpretation of interactive and visual media has transformed OpenEye into an elite industry-leading agency.
        • With more than 20+ years of experience, Meszaros has been recognized as a global industry leader.
        • He has been recognized by Design: Retail & Commercial Integrator Magazine as one of the most influential professionals in both the retail design and digital signage industries.
        • Meszaros maintains an active involvement in SEGD (Past President, BOD), DSF (BOD) and Shop! Association (BOD) helping to further educate the design community on digital engagement.

            Event Information

            07 September 2022

            1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
            Eastern Standard Time