Pre-pandemic, many conversations revolved around if and how AV companies should become co-creators of live experiences. As we all ride the wave of the pandemic and find new ways of working together, our focus is now on how to pivot our services from being in-person to virtual services. However, with so many known unknowns, it's difficult to know which is the the right direction to move in for the long-term.

Our panel will share their guidance on what you need to think about when making short term decisions and creating long term strategic plans for your live events company.

Is the future of investment in technology or should we be diversifying into design consultancy?
How do you stay on top of cutting edge technology?
Should we be investing in digital technology or hardware?
Do we buy or lease assets?
Will co-creation still be high on the agenda for live events companies?

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wallace-johnsonWallace Johnson
Managing Director
WLJ Consulting

Tara_HigginsTara Higgins

  • Tara is a global business leader and branding legend. She has taken on massive projects for some of the world’s most innovative businesses, during her extensive career as a marketing and production advisor, producing tangible business results using experience marketing to inspire audiences to desired actions.
  • As President, she is leading Hargrove as it continues to evolve into the most responsive, and effective live engagement and event company, fully aligned to what clients are asking for today to meet their business objectives.
  • Higgins has managed successful, results-driven event marketing experiences and campaigns for many of the world’s most recognizable brands, as well as creating innovative solutions for tech startups such as Alibaba and Salesforce. 
  • Before joining Hargrove, Higgins co-founded Rival Nation, the world’s first mass-market sports platform. Prior to launching Rival Nation, Higgins served as the Executive VP, Global Operations, at George P. Johnson.

    fabio_stein Fabio Stein
    Fabio Stein

  • Fabio Stein has 15 years of event industry experience. 
  • He received international recognition with his work on the BMW project iNEXT Vision Worldflight, in which a flying showroom was created in a Boeing 777F.

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    Event Information

    13 July 2020

    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

    Eastern Standard Time