Many systems deployed are capturing analytics about the room usage, but few technology managers are utilizing this data to its full potential if at all. In this part of the discussion, we will consider a sample
analytics report. We will also talk about how it can be used to make smarter system design decisions, more effectively deploy meeting spaces across campuses, and improve the overall user experience. Topics of the discussion will include:

-What type of data should be collected and how?
-A sample analytics report will be presented
-How should it be presented so technology managers can easily ingest the information
-How much information should be included
-Executive Summary
-In-depth data analysis
-How this data can be used to improve AV
-Is the capacity of meeting spaces appropriate?
-Are all sources and functions being used?
-How quickly does it take to start a meeting (10 minutes is the average for a 60 minute meeting)?
-What is my meeting space usage efficiency? What should I aim for?
-How are my systems perceived by my users?
-What types of issues are plaguing my systems, and how quickly are they addressed?
-Can I alter the design to alleviate any of these issues?
-Why this type of system documentation is important for the AV industry

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jamesmalteseJames Maltese
Vice President of Standards


  • Jim is the VP of Quality Standards at Level 3 Audio Visual.  
  • He has commissioned thousands of AV systems around the world, ranging from small conference rooms to some of the most complex and expensive installations in the world. 
  • Working his way up through the ranks, Jim started as a rack fabricator in high school, and transitioned to a field tech and project engineer in the time between college degrees (BSME from MIT and MSME from Stanford University).
  • He was a founder and the President of AVR which was known as the premier commissioning service provider of the AV industry. AVR was acquired by Level 3 AV in March of 2019. Combining the Level 3 reputation of stellar AV integration with that of AVR, we hope to redefine how AV is delivered in the AV industry. 
  • Jim is also known in certain Sound and Communication circles, as "The Commish" where he pens a monthly column on his experiences as a commissioning agent in AV system. 
  • Jim sits on the Board of Directors of the Association for Quality in AV Technology (AQAV) and holds two certifications from them (CQD and CQT).
  • Jim also is a Senior Faculty Instructor for AVIXA and holds two certifications from them (CTS-D and CTS-I). 
  • He was awarded the Young AV Professional Award in 2009 from InfoComm, the first year it was awarded. 
  • He was also awarded InfoComm International's Educator of the Year in 2017.
  • While not AVing, Jim is an avid scouter and hiker, practices amateur radio (N2NIW), and is an adoring husband and father. 

  • This Enterprise AV Series is presented in partnership with the AV User Group:

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    Event Information

    10 June 2020

    3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    Eastern Standard Time