Look beyond the field and past the scoreboard to see innovative ways digital signage and interactive technology are transforming the fan experience and helping amplify team culture.

During this session, we will explore two distinct perspectives. First, the fans: how is their experience transformed with the use of technology to improve their time at an event and their relationship with the team? As we move to the other side, how are teams using new visual technologies to enrich culture, amplify brand awareness and cast a new spin on team history?

Expect this session to include use cases and examples from venues and teams that have set the bar high and lead the way for this fast-growing, exciting vertical. Presented by the Digital Signage Federation.

Join this October Power Hour to:

  • Identify emerging digital signage trends that teams and stadiums are turning toward to improve the fan experience.
  • Define the best approach for development of an experience and what role each group serves (Integrator / Designer / Hardware Provider).
  • Understand the importance of using visual technology as a means to create team culture.

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            Peter Beck
            Executive Vice President
            Forty Nine Degrees

            • Peter Beck is the EVP of Forty Nine Degrees where he leads strategy & experience design teams creating compelling environmental experiences for consumers, athletes and fans working with the top universities in the United States.
            • Peter formerly was the SVP of Brand Experience at SGK where he partnered with world-class companies including Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Lululemon, and more, to design and implement enriching brand experiences.
            • With over 25 years in the brand experience space, Peter and his teams have created some of the most creative environments and custom design solutions in the world.

            Ryan Lenocker
            Manager - Digital Signage
            Dallas Cowboys Football Club

            • Ryan Lenocker has spent the past 12+ years transitioning from creating content to helping to identify and execute the best ways to communicate marketing and sponsor messages via digital signage.
            • In addition to having a strong background in graphic design, Lenocker has been using Cisco’s IPTV system (StadiumVision) since 2010.
            • He maintains all content displayed on the 3,500+ HDTVs at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, as well as the headquarters, The Star in Frisco.

            Lee Summers
            President - Sports and Entertainment
            Creative Realities

            • Lee began his career 20+ years ago in a traditional advertising role and moved to a digital signage focus as technology caught up with the demand for digital.
            • Lee has been involved in the deployment of over 120,000 digital experiences throughout multiple verticals.
            • After being a buyer of signage technology at both Omnicom and Berkshire Hathaway, Lee served as CEO for Reflect Systems before the CRI/Reflect merger in 2022.
            • As President of Sports and Entertainment, Lee provides strategic planning for many areas of the company and is primarily responsible for strategic growth initiatives.


            Steve Bayer
            Special Projects Director

            • Steve Bayer is a Special Projects Director at Daktronics with more than 20 years of experience in the digital display industry.
            • He works with designers, integrators, consultants, and end-users to execute highly complex indoor and outdoor LED video display projects throughout the United States and Canada.
            • Steve served on the Board of Directors for SEGD from 2011-2016 and again from 2018-2023.

                  Event Information

                  04 October 2023

                  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
                  Eastern Standard Time