No Need to Mute: Fix It in the IntelliMix

Remote work and the software technology that facilitates it has become a cornerstone of any productive office environment. Two years after the pandemic dramatically shifted our in-person/remote work balance, some virtual workflow issues remain unresolved, resulting in repeat annoyances during virtual meetings and conferences.

Delayed conference call start times and mid-meeting distractions are things we have become accustomed to. While these interruptions are often minor inconveniences, with frequency, they present a measurable blow to office productivity. The UK-based audio and conferencing software company LoopUp conducted a pre-Covid survey of UK & US workers and found many common complaints that were seemingly universal to the office experience—many of which have only been exacerbated by the recent predominant shift to remote work.

The first thing that should be considered is that even pre-covid, over 2/3 of workers surveyed said they attend a minimum of five conference calls each week. Even when all industries fully return in-person, audio/videoconferencing will remain an important component of office productivity, team collaborations and client connectivity. 

Of those surveyed, 85% said delayed starts to meetings and mid-meeting interruptions ultimately had a negative impact on their productivity. This is why your DSP and videoconferencing software are so important to a productive and successful work environment. IntelliMix improves audio quality and experience all around, without increasing the need for additional equipment in your workspace.

You can hear directly from the team at Shure at the InfoComm Technology Innovation Stage with a compelling announcement promising to improve audio for meetings in all environments. Whether you are a host or attendee of regular conference calls, come learn more about how IntelliMix can elevate your videoconference experience.

No Need to Mute: Fix It in the IntelliMix
Wednesday, October 27 @ 11 AM
Technology Innovation Stage, Booth #1961 at InfoComm

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