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In-House Content Creation & Resource Planning: Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid


This insightful session will look at the evolution of in-house content creation and broadcasting and the resources, roles and skill sets required to support it. Featuring expert panelists from a variety of sectors this will be a frank discussion on what was needed once the technologies were scaled - did the team have the right skill sets? Where did they go to go to find them? Where is the training available to skill up that can address the gap analysis? What lessons were learned and what are the building blocks of the perfect virtual production tech today?


Fireside Chat: Virtual Production in Enterprise AV: Investigate, invest, or ignore?


A discussion on how to approach best to approach an emerging technology that from the outside appears complex, opaque, and fast-moving. What do you need to think about when considering incorporating Virtual Production, on how to build the business case, the trigger points for investment, the new partnerships that need to be built, and the new skills needed to maximise the return on your investment.


Learning Spaces: Accessible AV Designs for Classrooms


Prioritizing accessibility in AV solutions for classrooms, conference rooms, and similar spaces should be considered as a standard for AV design.


Conferencing and Collaboration Power Hour: Upskilling Your AV/IT Team

Learn the importance of and ways to upskill the Pro-AV/IT workforce to stay competitive and innovative within this ever-advancing field.


CTS Prep, Fairfax - September 2024

CTS Prep is a valuable course designed to help individuals enhance their confidence and readiness for the InfoComm's CTS exam.


rAVe [TV] — Episode 170: Has AI Gone Too Far?


In today’s episode, Steph Beckett and Gary Kayye spend the majority with special guest Alan Brawn, who talks about his latest column on rAVe [PUBS]. Within the article, Alan talks about the importance of AI regulation. Why is that so important? Watch this episode and check out their discussion to learn more!


rAVe [TV] — Episode 171: Your AV Inventory and You


On today’s episode of rAVe [TV], Gary Kayye and Steph Beckett invite Scott Tiner, director of client services at Bates College, to join them and speak with about his latest column on rAVe [PUBS]. In it, he mentions the importance of keeping inventory of your AV tech. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. But it’s mostly so someone can keep track of what needs replacing and when. Check out the full episode to learn more!


Enterprise IT: AV Payloads


When we talk about AV for the IT professional, it is one thing to know your system. The other half of that coin is to know what your system can handle. AV Payloads play a vital role in delivering rich multimedia content. Whether it’s streaming a conference call, transmitting video over the web or over a corporate network, an understanding of AV payloads will provide sometimes necessary insight and information to maintain a cohesive networking ecosystem.


All Things TechIE Podcast - Episode 94 (Portal Dublin Launch)


Welcome to episode 94 of the All Things TechIE Podcast! In this exciting episode, host Justin Dawson takes us on a journey from New York City to Dublin, Ireland, where a groundbreaking public art project called The Portal was unveiled. The Portal allows real-time interaction between Dubliners, New Yorkers, and visitors to both cities, connecting them through technology across the Atlantic Ocean. Justin shares firsthand experiences from the launch event, including interviews with the software developers behind The Portal and the team responsible for its planning and execution. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of technology, art, and human connection in this special episode of All Things TechIE!


All Things TechIE Podcast - Episode 100


Hitting a milestone with the 100th Episode of All Things TechIE


How’d They Do That? – Streaming AVIXA TV, Live From UpStream


Join the team that brought the streaming programme to life here today, for a frank discussion about the planning, technology, resources and requirements needed to develop and execute a top-notch digital event. We will talk about the good, bad, and everything in between as it relates to stakeholders, contingency plans, common pitfalls, and opportunities for you to take these strategies forward into your own organization.


AVIXA TV Live from UpStream 2024


Join your host Ben Barnard as AVIXA TV broadcasts live from UpStream 2024 in London. He's joined by Charlie Mertz from Wesco Anixter, John Sparrow from Clear-Com, Jack Horry from Ross Video and finally Marcus Saunders and David Gray to discuss the evolution of virtual production.


How to Develop In-House Virtual Production Capabilities


Getting started with virtual production has never been more accessible than it is today. Marcus Saunders and David Gray join Ben Barnard on AVIXA TV Live from UpStream 2024 to describe how individuals and companies can begin to expand their skillsets and grow into more robust virtual production solutions.


Simplifying Broadcast Solutions for Pro AV with Ross Video


Jack Horry from Ross Video joins Ben Barnard on AVIXA TV Live from UpStream 2024. They talk about the convergence of broadcast and AV as well as some of Ross Video's approach to simplifying the technologies for their customers.


How to Commission a Corporate Media Centre


How did a professional broadcast systems consultancy approach the design and project management of a Pro-AV solutions-led studio for a broadcast quality, corporate media centre for a multi-site touristic destinations organization. What were the key differences between delivering this for a broadcast v corporate client? Who were the stakeholders involved and how did they differ from a broadcast solution? What other challenges and changes needed to be met? How did best-case practices translate into this project from concept to completion?


Navigating the Future of Digital Experiences


Discover how a background in scenic art and lighting design converged with a passion for digital video, leading to innovative integrations within live experiences, professional AV, broadcast, and immersive industries. Sarah Cox will delve into the opportunities and challenges of incorporating Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Extended Reality (XR). Additionally, she will highlight the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in shaping today's digital experiences and the future at the intersection of technology and creativity. Join this insightful session to explore cutting-edge advancements and their implications for the industry.


Harnessing the Value and Power of Video


Businesses, small or large, corporate or consumer, have brands that are inextricably linked to the success of their products. The time taken to communicate and convince clients is getting shorter and the competition for the attention of eyeballs is greater than ever. In this final session, Ciaran Doran lays out how and why this needs to happen and why corporates and brands must take more risks, faster, in order to grab the attention of their audiences to actively seek them out.

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