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AI Reality Check

Artificial Intelligence promises significant gains, but there are concerns about its disruptive effects. Will AI become the “be all and end all”?


The Utilization of Corporate Spaces in 2024 | Xceptional Insights


While the corporate environment has evolved to include work from home solutions over the years, the in-person experience has continued to introduce new technologies and trends. In this episode of XI, Sean and Peter explore how the corporate spaces are being utilized in 2024.


How Spatial Audio Helps our Brains Perceive Sound Differently

While you may have heard the buzz around spatial audio, it's more than industry chatter. Understanding and utilizing spatial audio is rapidly becoming a necessity.


InfoComm 2024 is ON! Registration is Officially Open

InfoComm 2024, the largest trade show focused on pro AV in North America, set for June 8-14 (exhibits 12-14) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, has officially opened registration.


Exploring the Tech and Trends at ISE 2024


In this episode of Xceptional Insights, Sean and Peter discuss the tech and trends at Integrated Systems Europe 2024. Whether it's how AV is utilizing AI in their systems, or how massive displays are being implemented, it was all at ISE 2024.


Funding AI Education with New Legislation

The Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act is a proactive measure designed to address the growing need for AI literacy in education and the workforce.


To Be of Not to Be…That is the AV Question

Audiovisual and Information Technology certifications are essential for professionals and technology buyers. Discover why they matter for success.


A Look Back at the AV Industry in 2023


In the 10th episode of Xceptional Insights, Sean Wargo and Peter Hansen look back at the economics and trends in AV as the industry continues to build back.


Exploring the Experience Economy | Xceptional Insights


In the 9th episode of Xceptional Insights, Sean and Peter discuss exploring the experience economy. The AV industry is expected to grow 100 billion dollars over the next 5 years with most growth coming from the experience components of the economy.


AI Threats Demand New Approach to Security Designs

The United States is among 18 countries to endorse new guidelines for AI cyber security.


The Economics of AI in the AV Industry | Xceptional Insights


In the 8th episode of Xceptional Insights, Sean and Peter discuss the emergence of artificial intelligence in the realm of AV. What economic impact will this have on the industry and beyond?


New York's Stance Sets a Precedent for Biometric Tech, Student Privacy

Believed to be the first of its kind, the New York State Education Department now prohibits using facial recognition technology in schools. Here's why.


Pro AV Outlook: The Next $100 Billion | Xceptional Insights


In the 7th Xceptional Insights, Sean Wargo and Peter Hansen discuss "The Next $100 Billion" and what it means in the realm of pro AV. The duo also chat about staffing and the role artificial intelligence plays in how companies are becoming more aware of its application.


AV for IT Pros


A Look at Pro AV Distribution in 2023 | Xceptional Insights


In the sixth episode of Xceptional Insights, hosts Sean Wargo and Peter Hansen go face-to-face and take a look at the state of distribution on the AV market in 2023 as we continue to build back economically. Download and subscribe wherever you access your favorite podcasts for future episodes.


Dante AV - Second Edition

During this hour-long on-demand training session, we explain the key offerings of our Dante video platform: Dante AV Ultra, Dante AV-H and Dante Studio, as well as the products required to build a Dante AV system such as encoders, decoders and cameras.


Artificial Intelligence: A Legal and Ethical Storm is Coming

The US Senate is now weighing in. What does this mean for AV?


Omni-Channel Has Changed the Digital Signage Experience

Yes, omni-channel is still a thing and digital signage has elevated it.


AV / IT Convergence: Skills and Gaps to Breach?

AV and IT are not 'fully' converged and probably will never totally be, but there is convergence. This begs the question of what drives these distinct “camps” to work together and, yes, converge.