Insight on Content Production & Streaming Power Hour: Streaming Game Plan

By Georgie-Ann Getton
GSD Solutions

Don’t miss the upcoming Content Production and Streaming Power Hour: Streaming Game Plan on February 15, 2023. Speaker Georgie-Ann Getton gave us some insight into her career in AV and why she feels this Power Hour is an important topic.

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Tell us a little about yourself and why you chose a career in AV.
My name is Georgie-Ann Getton; I am the CEO of GSD Solutions. One of the top services at my company is tech support which often comes in the form of AV support for virtual and in-person events and content creation. From an early age, I have been curious about technology and the fundamentals of how it all works. Why I choose AV support as a service to offer was primarily to help companies better communicate on a global scale. Many small and medium businesses were missing out on the global economy because they didn't have access to or the know-how to use digital AV tools. Then when the pandemic struck, it became clearer how important this work is. 

Can you give some insight on the upcoming webinar, Content Production and Streaming Power Hour: Streaming Game Plan, and why you feel this is an interesting and important topic to discuss?
Everyone is talking about and interested in making content from streaming on social media to podcasts and YouTube channels. The barrier most experience is not knowing where to start. In this webinar, we plan to address the fact that creating a game plan is the starting point. This will include steps like researching and selecting your platforms, finding hardware to increase your output quality, and finding experts/technicians to help you get through the production successfully. 

Who would benefit from attending this webinar?
I would say everyone should know these basics because the content is a key element in the majority of roles present day. But to be more specific, I would say individuals on marketing teams, small business owners, and IT staff are some groups who would absolutely benefit from attending this webinar. 


Georgie-Ann Getton
GSD Solutions, CEO