New in AVIXA’s Training Portal: Microsoft Teams Rooms Training
Now you can access technical training for Microsoft Teams Rooms – at no cost.

Get Microsoft Teams Rooms Training Now!

Covering everything from room design to troubleshooting, the robust Microsoft training outline includes the following:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Room Design Considerations
  • Ensuring Network Readiness
  • Creating the Resource Account
  • Features and Adoption of Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Deploy, Configure and Manage Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Secure Microsoft Teams Rooms with Intune and Conditional Access
  • Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Teams Rooms in Pro Management

“Thank you! This has been so helpful. For months have been questioning video inter-op service providers to figure out how MS is routing Teams meetings behind the scenes after the inter-op. Most inter-op providers haven't been able to answer how it’s done (as they are merely providing the inter-op service for their platform). They are just able to pass on the requirements. The Network Readiness portion of this program addresses all these questions and provides many helpful answers that the inter-op service providers were not able to answer. Great course! Thanks for bringing this into the learning portal.” - Russel Brow, CTS, DMC-E, EAVA, EUT Engineer, Liberty Mutual Insurance 



Why Take the Teams Training?

In a world of hybrid meetings, the technical details matter. You can show that you are committed to best practices and to helping your clients meet their goals. AVIXA will issue a certificate of completion* that you can share. Bonus: Have your CTS? You can earn 10 RUs when you complete the training and the 50-question test at the end.

Ready to Learn More?

Read more about how AVIXA and Microsoft are working together to make this training available.

*Note: The certificate is different from the Microsoft Teams Rooms Technical Solutions Badge.