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Date: 9/11/2019
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Meet the new AVIXA V201.01:201X, Image System Contrast Ratio (ISCR) standard: a comprehensive document for defining image system contrast ratio. The ISCR standard combines ANSI/INFOCOMM 3M-2011, Projected Image System Contrast Ratio (PISCR) and the draft standard ANSI/AVIXA V201.02 Direct View Display Image System Contrast Ratio (DVDSCR). Using the viewing categories established in the original PISCR standard: passive viewing, basic decision making, analytical decision making and full motion video, the new standard incorporates sequential test patterns and measurement to provide comprehensive methodologies and metrics for all types of system specification and verification.


BrawnJohnathan Brawn, Principal, Brawn Consulting

Watts JustinJustin Watts, Senior Design Engineer, Apple

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