Date: 1/22/2020


Influential leadership is a philosophy that involves focusing on others by building better professional relationships that can benefit both the leader and the team member. Influential leadership means that individuals can be formal or informal leaders while boosting their employee’s confidence and furthering their success at the same time!

It’s a leader’s responsibility to guide their team on the right path. But to become a better leader, it’s not enough just to take the wheel and steer – you must also be willing to serve your team and assist them in their own journey. An influential leader should have a desire to help their team members achieve their goals, which includes taking the time to identify how they perform best or being beside them as they face challenges. Take the time to
assist in their growth and help them work toward achieving their goals. When an individual uses this type of power, it’s amazing what a team can do!


michelle burkeMichelle Burke, Founder and Maven Maker, Bossibly

Michelle is the Founder and Maven Maker of bossibly; she aides young professionals and business owners alike by coaching them to become influential leaders. Using a unique system, she combines character strengths and core values to help them create a culture of engagement, which fosters predictable results and accountability.

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