Date: 11/14/2017


Grow the AV industry and your team.  

Join AVIXA Foundation board member Richard Blackwell, President of Linked2 Software, Olivia Herriford, Principal of Herriford Consulting, and AVIXA’s Director of Workforce Development, Joseph Valerio, as they showcase the latest in industry workforce development initiatives. 

Learn why more companies are choosing to sponsor and mentor young professionals through AVIXA’s Grant Program. Hear about opportunities for students of AV to earn tuition scholarships thanks to the Michael Vergauwen Fund Scholarship, and, we’ll outline how AVIXA is building career pathways directly with schools around the globe.

Help us prepare the next generation of AV.


Joseph Valerio, Director, Workforce Development, AVIXA

Olivia Herriford, DM, MBA, Consultant, Career Ladders Project

Richard Blackwell, President, Linked2 Software

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