Date: 11/15/2017


AVIXA isn’t just a new name, it’s a new path forward as to how we serve our members all around the world. Find out how AVIXA can serve you both as a professional society for the individual or as a trade organization for the enterprise. AVIXA’s new membership offerings are more robust than ever before, so learn how to make the most of your membership benefits in 2018! You’ll hear firsthand from key AVIXA staff members on what benefits are right for you and your company so you can advance your career and your business as we move forward to an exciting future in AV.


Betsy Jaffe, SVP Member Services, AVIXA

Amanda Beckner, VP Learning, AVIXA

Sean Wargo, Sr. Director of Market Intelligence, AVIXA

Amanda Boyer, Director of Membership, AVIXA

Aron Abrams, Member Services Programs Manager, AVIXA


North America Webinar Sponsors

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