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Smart Working: building automation e progettazione multimediale


Smart Working non è solo telelavoro e non si riduce nemmeno alla prenotazione delle postazioni lavorative o delle sale riunioni. Intorno a questo concetto gravitano numerosi concetti ed attivit

Digital Out Of Home Advertising: mercato e tecnologie 1402-1


La crescita della componente Digital all’interno del settore Out Of Home del mercato pubblicitario è da alcuni anni una tra le più rapide e significative. In questo contesto di inn

Manufacturers Training – FSR Presents HDBaseT in a 4K World


Peerless-AV Certified Installer Silver Level: Fundamentals of Digital Signage Solutions


Join us Tuesday, September 19, 2017 from 1PM-2PM Eastern Time for this webinar. IMPORTANT: Please look for another email after you finish the webinar enrollment process. You must register with your fu

CTS-D Prep: AV Math for Design – Audio System Stability


Given loudspeaker and mic placement, can you predict if the system will feedback? Certainly you can! Also, how many electrical circuits will I need? How much heat will this equipment produce? Audiovis

CTS-D Prep: AV Math for Design – Projector Lumens, Conduit Fill and Jam Ratio


How bright a projector do you need? How may cables am I allowed in that conduit? Will any of them jam during the cable pulling operation? Audiovisual design requires math and you may see some of this

CTS-D Prep: AV Math for Design – Ceiling Loudspeakers – Layouts and Calculations


CTS-D Prep: AV Math for Design – Ceiling Loudspeakers – Layouts and Calculations Loudspeaker placement is all too often left to chance. Learn how to calculate for ceiling mounted loudspeak

Waarom is een projectiedoek nodig bij hoge resolutie projectie


Wist u dat de meeste projectiedoeken of oppervlaktes de kwaliteit van de projectie sterk beïnvloedt en zorgt voor minder detail, kleur en contrast? Wij kunnen laten zien met microscopische beelde

Webinar der AVT-Challange: Symmetrische und unsymmetrische Signalübertragung


Dieser Webinar wurde konzipiert, um die Teilnehmer unserer AVT-Challenge, InfoComm's Fortbildungskampagne, durch ausgewiesene AV-Experten in wesentlichen Schwerpunkten des AV-Grundwissens zu schulen.

Webinar der AVT-Challenge - Grundlagen der Netzwerktechnologie – Vertiefung


Netzwerktechnik ist heutzutage auf allen AV-Projekten unumgänglich. Eine Trennung zwischen AV- und Netzwerktechnologie ist daher nahezu unmöglich. Lernen Sie in diesem Webinar ergänzend

Wie setze ich IoT in meinem nächsten AV-Projekt ein?


Internet of Things – in vielen Bereich zu Hause – aber was verbirgt sich dahinter? Dieses Webinar erläutert praktische Anwendungsmöglichkeiten des IoT, die Sie in Ihrem näch

Communicating with Presence


This highly-interactive FREE webinar will provide easy-to-understand insights on the four parts of our PRESence model, which consists of the skills that every professional needs to communicate with im

Hacker Defense Essentials – Introductory Principles for Defense Against the Dark Arts


This webinar will act as an introduction to penetration testing, the art of simulating attacks on a computer system to look for security weaknesses. During this webinar we will discuss the whys, hows,

InfoComm Webinar powered by LINDY: HDMI 2.1 - Der Zukunftsstandard für die professionelle Übertragung


Die neueste Spezifikation der Multimedia-Schnittstelle HDMI ist für das zweite Quartal 2017 angekündigt. Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar, welche technischen Neuerungen HDMI 2.1 mit sich bring

InfoComm Webinar powered by LINDY: HDMI 2.1- Le futur standard pour la transmission AV professionnelle


La nouvelle spécification de l’interface multimédia HDMI 2.1 est annoncée pour le milieu d’année 2017. Dans ce webinar, vous apprendrez quelles sont les nouveau

InfoComm Webinar powered by LINDY: HDMI 2.1, lo standard AV del futuro


L'arrivo dell'ultima interfaccia multimediale HDMI è stata annunciata per il secondo trimestre del 2017. Scopri tramite questo webinar, quali innovazioni tecniche porta con se lo standard HDMI

InfoComm Webinar powered by LINDY: Prepare Yourself for HDMI 2.1- The Future Standard for AV


The latest specification of the multimedia interface HDMI is been announced for the second quarter of 2017. In this webinar, you will learn what technical innovations HDMI 2.1 brings to you and what y

Space Management: gestire con efficienza gli spazi di lavoro smart


Space Management: gestire con efficienza gli spazi dilavoro smart Gli spazi di lavoro condivisi sono una realtà in fortecrescita non solo nelle grandi aziende ma anche in realtà di media

Führende interaktive Technologien und deren Eigenschaften in der Pro AV Branche


Die professionelle AV Branche kann nicht mehr ohne Interaktivität funktionieren. Daher ist es wichtig sich kontinuierlich über die aktuellen Technologien zu informieren. Dieser Vortrag gibt

New, Fun, and Free at InfoComm 2017


Join the head honcho behind the InfoComm show, Jason McGraw, and a cast of “red shirts” to get a sneak peek at InfoComm 2017. Find out about new technology areas, exciting free education,

Peerless-AV Certified Installer Bronze Level: Getting to Know the Basics


Join AV experts Wade Wollock and Craig Recchia for this exclusive webinar as they present the first level of Peerless-AV’s Certified Installer Training Program. The Bronze Level is designed to e

Storytelling in Public Space


Local Projects creates radically new experiences in physical space, marrying interaction design, technology and architecture. Nathan Adkisson is Director of Strategy at Local Projects, and in this web

Italian Webinar: La certificazione degli integratori: vantaggio competitivo e non solo


La certificazione delle aziende che forniscono servizi di progettazione e/o integrazione di sistemi AVC (audio video controlli) è un’opportunità per acquisire un vantaggio competit

Sistemas para administración de salas de juntas y sus tecnologías


En este webinar, Gaston Morelli, CTS®, y Business Development Manager LatAm Sur de Crestron Latin America, explicará las herramientas existentes hoy en día para implementar sistemas

The Kennedy Center Re-Imagines Theatre with Advanced Digital Sets


When the Kennedy Center performed Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring Cycle), a four-part, 17-hour opera, it raised the bar and did so three times over the course of three weeks i

Coaching New Install Techs


When you are an AV manager who hires a new technician, you’re faced with the challenge of verifying that they know the basics. You’re probably asking your advanced technicians to take lots

Vídeo Mapping e suas aplicações além das telas


Vamos falar das aplicações acima para eventos de: - pequeno porte - médio porte - grande porte - mega eventos Vamos mostrar outras aplicações como letra caixa, dome

Digital Signage en la Industria


La tematica esta dirgida a explicar que es el digital signage y como este ha evolucionado en la industria, sectores, tecnologias, software, contenidos.

InfoComm Webinar powered by LINDY: Comment mettre en oeuvre des solutions AV pour la gestion d'installations de grandes tailles et avec de nombreux appareils


Découvrez les défis auxquels sont confrontés les installations qui nécessitent plusieurs entrées et plusieurs sorties. Ce webinar présentera les solutions cou

InfoComm Webinar powered by LINDY: Gestione di molteplici segnali e dispositivi AV per soluzioni Digital Signage in contesti medio grandi


Imparate ad affrontare e risolvere le problematiche tipiche delle grandi installazioni AV che prevedono la gestione di numerosi ingressi e uscite. Il webinar illustrerà le soluzioni più

InfoComm Webinar powered by LINDY: How to Implement AV Solutions for Large Venue Signal Management with Many Devices


Learn about the challenges faced when installing solutions to large venues which require many inputs and many outputs. This webinar will cover the commonly used solutions focusing on Modular Matrix de

InfoComm Webinar powered by LINDY: Implementierung & Signalmanagement von AV-Lösungen in großen Umgebungen mit einer Vielzahl von Geräten


Die Planung und Umsetzung von Lösungen in weitläufigen Umgebungen mit einer Vielzahl von Quell- und Zielgeräten stellt immer wieder eine Herausforderung dar. Mit diesem Webinar zeigen w

Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the Internet of Things


InfoComm International® is among an esteemed group of sponsors of a new landmark CABA research report, Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the Internet of Things. The report was prepared for C

Novos tempos para a Indústria Audiovisual Profissional


Neste webinar apresentaremos as novidades em tudo o que a InfoComm programou para 2017, além de uma visão abrangente de como hoje se vê a Indústria Audiovisual Profissional.

Nuevos tiempos para la Industria Audiovisual Profesional


En este seminario virtual presentaremos todas las noticias que InfoComm ha programado para 2017, así cómo una amplia visión de como se ve hoy la Industria Audiovisual. ¡Pode

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