Hear about how AI/Machine learning improves operational efficiencies and content automation, issue resolution, and delivering and maintaining service level agreements.

Join this August Power Hour to:

  • Learn key differences between AI and generative AI, and how these technologies coupled with machine learning can make digital signage networks smarter.
  • Understand how AI and machine learning is driving efficiency and automation in CMS content programming, and about moving beyond simple rules engines to intuitively generated and published content.
  • See how generative AI will transform content strategies.
  • Review the challenges in harnessing AI.


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    A rising focus on enhanced customer service is prompting verticals like hospitality and retail to study investments in interactive and LED screens, according to AVIXA’s IOTA report. Digital signage and network technology managers and integrators can get the latest on new trends, technologies, and applications for digital signage systems in AVIXA’s monthly D=SIGN Power Hour. Learn more  about the D=SIGN Power Hour series.



    George Clopp
    Chief Technology Officer

    • George Clopp is Chief Technology Officer of Korbyt where he is responsible for the vision, design and delivery of the product portfolio.
    • Driven to see what’s over the horizon, George is leading Korbyt’s enterprise workplace experience solutions into the future by focusing on key initiatives like artificial intelligence.
    • He has over 20 years of experience building, launching and monetizing enterprise-grade technology that delivers superior customer experiences.
    • Prior to Korbyt, George served as SVP Product Engineering at Epsilon, the leader in advanced data-driven marketing.
    • George has also held leadership positions at Crossbow, Pariveda Solutions, Scopra, and Wyse Technology.
    • George holds an Executive MBA from Southern Methodist University.

    Tomer Mann
    Chief Revenue Officer and Global Enterprise Lead

    • Tomer Mann is Chief Revenue Officer for 22 Miles.
    • Tomer and his team turn ideas into well-designed, feature-rich, all-in-one digital signage solutions.
    • This belief in innovation and constant improvement is what drives 22 Miles to be a forward-thinking digital leader in the industry, and Tomer’s dedication to business development and relationship building helps bring this to light.
    • As a veteran in the digital signage industry of more than fifteen years, Tomer Mann strives to enhance visual communication consulting services to higher education, hospitality, retail, transportation, government, corporate, venues, healthcare, and other large organizations.
    • With a firm belief that technology is key to enhancing people’s daily lives, he has made it his passion always to innovate and provide next-generation applications that simplify digital content, which delivers a unique and sustainable experience for all users.
    • Ultimately, his goal is to help customers and partners create custom, self-service technology solutions that outlast the rest.

    Jim Nista
    Creative Director
    Nista Digital Content

    • Jim Nista is an artist and creative director with a diverse career spanning three decades in the digital arts.
    • He founded Insteo in 2002, an agency known for its innovative interactive content creation.
    • Under Jim's leadership, Insteo was granted two software patents and celebrated with numerous awards.
    • Venturing beyond Insteo, Jim's interests have gravitated towards interactive, immersive, and generative experiences.
    • Working as an independent creative director his recent projects include video wall art that evolves and creates itself based on the current viewing audience.
    • Outside of the digital realm, Jim has a budding passion for traditional portrait painting, where he draws inspiration from the techniques of the old masters.



      Samantha Powell
      Manager, Industry Advocacy

      • Samantha Powell serves as the Manager of Industry Advocacy on the Content Creation Team at AVIXA.
      • She is responsible for working with Pro-AV and IT subject matter experts to create InfoComm education sessions, webinars, podcasts, and DEI content for AVIXA’s various channels.
      • She also cultivates relationships with valued strategic partners and serves as a host on AVIXA TV, which is the premier video destination for the AV industry, attracting integrators, IT managers, end users, and key decision-makers worldwide.
      • Samantha’s role helps AVIXA realize its strategic goal of serving as the catalyst for growth and the information hub for the pro-AV and IT industry.

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        14 August 2024

        1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
        Eastern Standard Time


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