Date: 5/12/2020


Loudspeaker manufacturers, consultants, and end-users all rely on specifications to predict a loudspeaker’s performance in the field. Yet, these specifications can vary dramatically from one manufacturer to the next. Until recently, there has never been a test signal and procedure capable of accurately and objectively modeling a loudspeaker’s ability to reproduce the dynamic complexity of music under linear conditions.

M-Noise is a new test signal developed by Meyer Sound to overcome discrepancies between test references and real-world program signals. Using M-Noise, loudspeaker manufacturers, consultants, and end-users can accurately predict a loudspeaker’s output capability when reproducing music linearly under actual show conditions.

This presentation will detail why M-Noise was developed, the unique characteristics that distinguish it from other test signals, and how it enables the effective measurement of a loudspeaker’s linear peak SPL.

Session highlights:

Merlijn van Veen
Merlijn van Veen

Senior Technical Support & Education Specialist - Meyer Sound

Merlijn van Veen is a distinguished sound engineer, mixer, and educator. He’s worked at NEP, Herlekijn Holland, and Royal Conservatoire, where he ran his own education programme. He’s developed several proprietary calculators, most notably the Subwoofer Array Designer. In 2018, Merlijn joined Meyer Sound as a Senior Technical Support & Education Specialist.

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