Date: 5/7/2020


It has long been said by industry technologists that the only secure collaboration system is one that is unplugged. As soon as we turn the power on and start communicating we are always subject to varying degrees of risk. These can be with the equipment and endpoints we use, and/or with the platforms we choose for collaboration. If we don’t want to have to pull all the plugs, then we’re going to need to truly understand and learn how to mitigate the risks.

So how do we go about ensuring that our collaboration is secure? How do we identify the most appropriate collaboration endpoint for each application, and how do we choose and manage a platform so that our security is maintained? In this discussion, led by industry veteran David Danto, we will explore the risks, separate out the FUD, and discuss best practices for achieving and maintaining secure collaboration.


David DantoDavid Danto
Director of UC Strategy and Research

  • David Danto has had over four decades of delivering successful outcomes in media/collaboration technology.
  • He developed/executed global tech strategies with financial services firms and led design/execution for multiple broadcast and educational organizations. 
  • His Industry recognition includes serving as The Dir of Emerging Tech for The IMCCA; as a judge for CES & NAB; and as a Tech Council member for Sound & Communications. 
  • Today David works for Poly as their Director of UC Strategy & Research.

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