David Haynes

Dave is best known around the industry as the publisher and principal writer behind Sixteen:Nine - an online trade publication that has covered the digital signage and visual communications business since 2006.

16:9 has a global readership and generates 1,000s of page views daily.

There are more than 7,000 posts on 16:9, and the count grows almost daily.

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Protecting your LED Video Wall

By David Haynes

Direct View LED video walls are increasingly THE walls in a variety of environments, from flagship retail to shopping mall concourses. They can look amazing, but they can also make people who have experience with LED very nervous - because LEDs and the general public don't always play well together.


DV-LED has Mainstreamed, But Much of Pro AV is Still Learning the Tech

By David Haynes

Direct view LED has rapidly become a mainstream product in digital signage, but while the display technology is seeing rapid and diverse adoption, it’s clear much of the pro AV ecosystem is still trying to sort out what it is and how to differentiate the huge assortment of products and suppliers.