Brad Sousa Impact Fund


The Brad Sousa Impact Fund was launched to honor the profound legacy of the late Brad Sousa, Chief Technology Officer of AVI Systems and member of the AVIXA Board of Directors. Whether in the home or in the workplace, Brad lived a life loving not just with words or speech but with actions and in truth. He was known to say, “Influence is the counterfeit of impact.” He was committed to making a difference in all his pursuits, whether personal or professional. It is with this lesson in mind the AVIXA Foundation created the Brad Sousa Impact Fund.

The Fund supports the Foundation’s education and charitable work through impact investing and partnerships, with a key focus on developing audiovisual and digital transformation professionals and their understanding of each other's overlapping needs. Through digital transformation, organizations and communities embed technologies across society to drive impact and fundamental change. In this spirit, the Fund seeks to identify and empower digital transformation, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable future around the world.

What We Fund – Our Three Pillars of Impact

  • People – in pursuit of educational and vocational outcomes
  • Programs – with social consciousness and purpose, impacting society/community/culture
  • Partnerships – that amplify missions of associations, community and nonprofit organizations.

As we identify programs or opportunities embodying these three impact areas globally, the Foundation screens for the potential impact a gift might have on creating synergies between the worlds of audiovisual technology and digital transformation. Candidates may then be invited to apply formally and share their stories. Applicants meeting our Eligibility Requirements pass to a formal investment approval process and receive funding. Ongoing engagement and review of the Fund’s impact with recipients continues annually.

Amplify Our Impact

Your gift can help amplify how technology and digital transformation create positive change in the world.
Help the AVIXA Foundation accomplish its 501(c)(3) mission today.

Give By Check:

Donations via USA-based check, made payable to “AVIXA Foundation” with a note indicating the Brad Sousa Impact Fund.     
Mail to:
11242 Waples Mill Road, Suite 200,
Fairfax, VA 22030.

Donations via ACH or Wire:
Please email AVIXA at [email protected] for payment instructions.    


Recommend an Initiative

Know a person, program, or partnership that could benefit from our support? Tell us more by completing the form below. (View eligibility criteria.)



For consideration, recommendations must benefit the public good and meet criteria including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Demonstrates innovation and creativity in leveraging audiovisual technology and digital transformation to address societal challenges.
  • Supports the development of audiovisual and digital transformation professionals and their understanding of each other’s overlapping needs.
    • Represents underserved or underestimated communities.
    • Addresses societal challenges.
    • Improves public education through scholarship and other support for individuals interested in the audiovisual (AV) provision
    • Improves digital literacy and job skills, enhancing employability of new generation AV professionals
    • Promotes discoverability of AV and digital transformation careers through hands-on experiences, apprenticeships, and on-the-job practicum to reduce current and future skills gaps
  • Shows potential for scalability and replicability to extend impact beyond initial implementation.
  • Provides measurable outcomes and clear indicators of success, including metrics for assessing impact on communities, individuals, or organizations.
  • Demonstrates financial sustainability and responsible stewardship of resources to maximize long-term effectiveness.
  • Aligns with the values and mission of the AVIXA Foundation, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the audiovisual and digital transformation sectors.
  • Complies with all legal and regulatory requirements, including those related to data privacy, intellectual property, and nonprofit governance.
  • Initiative is not related to any political campaign, government activity or influence legislation of any kind.
  • Activities of the initiative must not affect The AVIXA Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status in any way.

About the AVIXA Foundation
The AVIXA Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization focused on cultivating a growing workforce on behalf of the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA). The Foundation does so by creating awareness of careers in the global AV industry; enabling potential and emerging professionals through skills training, scholarships, and scholastic support; and developing a bridge between the industry and those who want to become AV professionals. With the help of AVIXA members and the entire industry, the Foundation helps build a future with a diverse, skilled workforce eager to take on the challenge of creating integrated AV experiences around the world. More information is available at