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AV Technology Increases Student Retention and Engagement

A new generation of students has high expectation for the technology in their learning spaces. AV technology integrations on a college campus send a signal to students that the learning experience will be interactive and collaborative.

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DV-LED has Mainstreamed, But Much of Pro AV is Still Learning the Tech

By David Haynes

Direct view LED has rapidly become a mainstream product in digital signage, but while the display technology is seeing rapid and diverse adoption, it’s clear much of the pro AV ecosystem is still trying to sort out what it is and how to differentiate the huge assortment of products and suppliers.


2021 Trends: Seeing Yourself in Digital Signage

By Kirsten Nelson

As we look ahead to the next year and wonder how brands and retailers will communicate with us, we’re going to hold them to a high standard: how human are your virtual experiences? Video content and apps are more than just placeholders and distractions, they need to connect, immerse and understand us.


2021 Trends: More Collaboration Between Machines and Humans

By Kirsten Nelson

Maybe at this point in the pandemic we’ve all sat at a virtual conference table with an avatar or two, read about how collaboration is going to happen in a mixed reality landscape and entertained ideas about how an AI might replace a few number-crunching execs someday. But there’s still a surprising amount of talk about humans when we look at the year ahead.


Industry Insights: Opportunities for Digital Signage to Contribute to Public Safety

By Jonathan Brawn, CTS

Digital signage has recently proven to be a critical part of our business strategy due to COVID-19. One which has forced a radical change in our business, as our collective customers have adapted to this new situation. Digital signage is one aspect of our business that has not necessarily declined or been delayed.


Higher Ed AV Rings in the New Year with Summer Pre-Planning and More for 2021

By Jimmie Singleton CTS

This month’s edition of the Higher Ed AV Digital Magazine starts the conversation about 2021 with a theme of “Summer Pre-Planning.” Although COVID may have thrown a wrench into normal plans and budget allocations, higher ed is still bound to specific timing windows for installations and upgrades.


2021 Trends: Continuing to Enhance Hybrid Classroom Technology

By Kirsten Nelson

Now that nearly all learning has a significant online component, and schools of all types will be endeavoring far to make a hybrid approach work for the foreseeable future, the outlook for 2021 places an emphasis on refinement of tools and practices. Particularly within higher education, where a hybrid approach to learning was already on the rise.


Sneak Peek of the New AVIXA.org

Welcome to the new AVIXA.org! We’re inviting you to come in and take a look around at our new digital home. We want your feedback so that AVIXA.org continues to be part of your daily journey in the AV industry.


Podcast: Human Factors in Workplace Design

By Kirsten Nelson

We have all learned how to work in new ways during the pandemic. By now, each individual has had time to consider what they miss about the old way of working, and what they have embraced about these socially distant times. The reactions are as varied as the types of people who share the workplace.


Audio Will Make Hybrid Venues More Immersive in 2021

By Kirsten Nelson

There’s a lot of talk about pent-up demand as we head into 2021. Pent-up demand for fully engaging real-life experiences. Particularly in the performing arts, where the irreplaceable experience of being enveloped by sound and scene will draw audiences and create rewarding connections.


Webinar: Intel Across AV Industries: A Conversation with Our Partners

We will cover topics ranging from 8K, Smart Buildings, Education and Conferencing Room technology.


Cut the Static: Creating Dynamic Experiences through Architecture and AV

By Michelle Bollen

Historically, buildings have been pretty set in stone. Architectural flexibility was the exception not the norm. Today, however, we live in a remarkable moment—a time when our spaces can shift with the flick of a hand across a keyboard. We can write an algorithm that turns a doorstep into a portal and build a canvas that paints (and even serenades) itself.


Rapid Adaptation in K-12: Technology at a Break-Neck Speed [Tech & Learning]

While most markets are reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, K-12 education has seen the most disruption to its core service model.


There’s a Better Way to Work Remote

By Zachary Fisher

The AVIXA Work Remote series, composed of short, shareable videos, answers the basic questions you’ve been getting recently on how to improve audio, video, lighting, and network performance. These days, we’re all going virtual so feel free to share these AV tips.


Industry Insights: Higher Ed Tech Managers Share Their Holiday Wish Lists

By Jimmie Singleton CTS

In the spirit of the holiday season, tech managers from a wide array of universities reflect on what would be great to have on their wish list this year for the December issue of Higher Ed AV.


Enhancing the Audience Experience with Next-Reality Technology [SCN]

The hybrid event is one of the biggest AV stories of 2020. The blurring line between esports and traditional sports is where tech applications can create engaging, high-quality hybrid experiences that are being rapidly developed.


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