Podcast: Reflecting Multiple Voices through Transmedia Design

Podcast: Reflecting Multiple Voices through Transmedia Design

Global demonstrations and activism against systemic racism continue to remind us that we’re still not including enough voices in our work and enterprises. This episode of the TIDE Generator Podcast endeavors to continue the conversation and bring about change through the examination of how storytelling is expanded through transmedia design — telling stories using multiple mediums and reflecting multiple voices.

At its core, experience design is about humans. It’s about interaction and engagement and hopefully prompting some sort of emotional connection with content. As we evolve from traditional experience design into new hybrids of virtual and real space, the possibilities for new connections across multiple platforms and devices make transmedia design an interesting prospect.

In this episode, TIDE Generator host Kirsten Nelson discusses how we can incorporate more voices for expansive audiences with guests Wiena Lin, Creative Director with Public Good Labs; Mary Franck, Creative Director with ESI Design, an NBBJ Studio, and Senior Experiential Media Producer Daniel White.


Ideally, experience design reflects many voices for many audiences. How can we develop more expansive user personas to reflect wider audiences? How can we integrate screen-based content in new ways? How can we create new forms of storytelling across networked devices? With the diversification and evolution of mediums, what will the evolution of messaging look like? How is the story evolving — how we can move forward and drive more social good?


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