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Peter Hansen

Peter Hansen

As AVIXA’s Economic Analyst, Peter Hansen’s job is to understand how the professional AV sector interacts with the wider economy.  Peter relishes the challenge of this task, to which he brings a data-focused skillset and a passion for critical analysis.  In the past, he has worked for the Federal Reserve Board and been published in RealClearMarkets, Finance and Economics Discussion Series, and The Atlantic.

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The overall news is good for pro AV, with global revenue rising quickly in just about every major slice of the market.


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In this labor market that so strongly favors employees, the phrase “quiet quitting” has gone viral for a reason. Find out why.


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Race impacts pro AV recruiting and retention in numerous ways, with three main pillars being pay, advancement, and inclusion. The news on these fronts is mixed.


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AVIXA’s latest Macroeconomic Trends Analysis takes a deep look at the state of supply issues.


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With sights set on a post-pandemic future, we take a look at how AV vertical markets fared over the last year.


It’s More Than Just Money: What You Need to Know About the Gender Pay Gap in Pro AV

Women in pro AV earn less than what men do but it's more than just money. Using statistics from government and other expert sources, this article seeks to pull back the veil of the gender pay gap in our industry and show why bringing pay equality for women in pro AV will benefit the companies who do it.


Pro AV: Are Women Fully Welcome?

As our data shows, women have not necessarily found their forever home with pro AV