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Barry Vogel

Barry Vogel has worked either directly or indirectly in the audio industry for nearly 50 years. Starting as a home and car audio salesperson as a part time job in high school, he was quickly hooked on the art and science of sound. While his education background focused upon business, his passion kept him in the industry. From retail sales to management to business ownership, to product management at the manufacturer level, and finally to managing ALMA International (Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing and Acoustics) in order to help professionals in the audio industry. In July of 2020, Vogel assumed ownership of what is now called ALTI (Audio and Loudspeaker Technologies International). While the name has changed, and the title has changed, the mission has not; ALTI exists to help professionals in the audio and loudspeaker technologies industry to connect, to do business, and to promote the products and technologies of its Members.

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The State of the Audio Industry

In a world with super-sized high-definition state-of-the-art displays, advances in audio are often overshadowed. However, being in the industry, I believe the science of sound is a topic that should be of equal interest to AV professionals.