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Andrew Lazarow, ESI Design

Andrew Lazarow

Andrew Lazarow, Senior Designer, AV Technologist at ESI Design, is an award-winning designer with over a decade of AV experience in digital signage, projection mapping, motion capture, video systems and interactive lighting control in a variety of industries and use cases. Andrew is also a Resident Researcher and Adjunct Professor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.  

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Finding Solid Ground: Designers’ Obligations and Opportunities in Public Spaces Amidst COVID-19

Many of us have been asked about the safety of touch screens, and what we would replace them with in stores, museums, lobbies, and transit hubs. As our clients look to us to tell them what is coming next, it’s challenging to balance knowing what people will need years from now, when we don’t even know what schools will be doing in a month.