AV for IT Pros Online Course from AVIXA
From the Experts in AV Training. Take advantage of this FREE online course that will help you master the integration of AV/IT systems.

Want to Work with the AV Team? We know that you do.

AV for IT Pros shows you how. AVIXA® (the audiovisual and integrated experience association) understands that to work together with the AV team on networked AV solutions, you need to understand both sides of the technology—not just IT.

After completing all the modules, you’ll have gained essential insights and practical tools to navigate the integration and management of AV within your network.

You Will Learn

  • The roles of IT and AV
  • Being prepared for AV on your network
  • Impact of AV on the network
  • AV applications and protocols
  • AV traffic and bandwidth

Ready to expand your expertise and thrive at the intersection of IT and AV?

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AV and IT are fully united. And if your background is IT— you need to know both sides of the technology. That’s where AVIXA (the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association) comes in. AVIXA can help you gain an in-depth understanding of networks and how AV applications operate within them. From webinars to training, white papers, articles, and more, our community of industry experts can give you the information you need to provide reliable IP-connected solutions to your customers.

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